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Dermagen – Rejuvenating Serum



A nourishing serum for troubled, sensitive, or irritated skin. Contains Black Raspberry Oil and Cloudberry Seed Oil rich in antioxidants. Features calming and antiseptic properties from Manuka, Elderberry and Blue Tansy oils. Contains Algaktiv Restoreskin, a marine algae peptide that promotes collagen production.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including oils from manuka, elderberry and blue tansy.
Dermagen sources its Manuka Oil samples from New Zealand and gets them tested by Southern Cross University to ensure they have necessary phytochemicals. However, the brand has also found a local farm in Western Australia that cultivates Manuka Oil plants that yield high levels of triketones and is working to incorporate their product into future offerings. Dermagen aims to provide an evidence-based approach to customer care and counsels/advises patients through the online Chat feature and emails. Its products are not tested on animals and can help reduce reliance on antibiotics. Dermagen's Propolis Balm and Manuka Oil Balm can make a difference to chronic wounds, eczema and TSW symptoms.
Dermagen's tubes are made from sustainable and easily recyclable materials such as recycled plastic and bamboo. The use of recycled plastic helps to keep non-biodegradable waste out of landfills, while reducing plastic production by up to 50%. The brand also opted for plastic tubes over glass containers to reduce the carbon footprint for shipping and ensure hygiene of the product. The Manuka Oil used in their products is sourced sustainably from plants that are trimmed and not killed when harvested, making it a more ethical alternative to harvesting Manuka Honey. The use of essential oils allows for a sustainable yield without relying on the population of honey bees to produce the oil. Furthermore the brand also recycles and reuses its packaging where possible.
Dermagen has invested in various social responsibility efforts, including supporting creative start-ups focused on climate change solutions, offering free advice and information online to support those suffering severe eczema and those going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) symptoms, donating to charity ITSAN and supporting the Eczema Association Australasia. The brand also sources oils that are ethically grown and harvested sustainably and has invested in education to increase awareness and understanding of steroid-alternatives for eczema, dermatitis and TSW symptoms. The brand's founder was inspired to create Dermagen after seeing the negative impact that potent topical steroids had on his son's severe eczema.

Product reviews from our experts…


I am always partial to a product whose first ingredient is aloe vera rather than water and this one ticks that box. It’s an herbal, almost gel textured serum that disperses easily and rapidly into the skin leaving a cool, non-tacky finish that is refreshed and calm. I experienced no heat or ruddiness when I applied it as often happens when I use actives and it played really well with other moisturisers and sunscreams layered on top. This serum made a noticeable difference to my skin texture in a short time and is one of few I’ve been able to use without it causing a Rosacea flare up. It’s packed with amazing ingredients, including blue tansy and chamomile, marine peptides, cloudberry and black raspberry.

The thing I found most compelling was the use of Manuka Oil versus Manuka Honey. I didn’t know anything about harvesting Manuka Honey (or Oil) and its impact on the local bee populations. It’s great that they’re also produced in Australia and that they contribute to businesses working on climate change. Their work with people suffering topical steroid withdrawal is commendable as well. It’s a little talked about issue but has a huge impact on the sufferer’s life, so kudos to them.

–Jessica Teas


I loved how the bottle was nestled safely into the tube, it felt really special opening this product, like a treat. What I liked most about Dermagen Rejuvenating Serum was the delicious blend of oils felt nourishing without being too heavy on the skin. The serum absorbed very quickly, and my skin felt super fresh after applying this product.

I am particularly impressed by this brand’s niche support and expertise for those suffering from severe eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW). Their free advice and information online and donations to relevant charities such as ITSAN and Eczema Association Australasia must be hugely welcomed by those suffering from eczema.

–Amanda Ramsay


This is one of the most unique serums I’ve seen in some time – the hero ingredients are expertly crafted to produce something truly different. Jammed packed full of antioxidant super berries it feels so nourishing to your skin and the pump pack is super easy to use.

I also love that the manuka is appropriately tested to ensure its purity. That this company isn’t a beauty company but a science based formula driven approach to skin who support their associated industry and charities is also to be commended!

–Corrine Sultana

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