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Desert Island Essentials – Belly & Body Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic sandalwood seed and jojoba oils and strawberry seed oil.
Desert Island Essentials operates in Meanjin (Brisbane) in Turrbal and Yugara country. At least 84% of their ingredients are Australian Grown - ensuring ethical farming/labour practices while also supporting local agriculture. Their Australian Sandalwood Oil is 50% Indigenous owned and distillery profits from this, fund remote community projects, generating employment. The other 16% of their formula is sourced from bi-products of strawberry jam and juice manufacturing (zero waste and circular ingredients). Furthermore packaging is designed and manufactured on shore locally.
Ingredients chosen require minimal irrigation and no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used. They use carbon sequestering or carbon negative crops such as Jojoba. No chemicals are used to process the botanical products, which can otherwise leach into waterways. Desert Island Essentials have purposefully designed minimalist packaging which eliminates the need for both a mailer and product box. They use FSC certified 100% recycled card and soy based-ink with no adhesives. Instead of packing peanuts they use an all-natural and non-toxic foam, made from 97% basalt mineral rock fibres, bound with a sugar. They can be composted or better yet, add some extra nutrition to your plants– just wet and crumble in. Furthermore they have future plans to create larger 'refill' options and become a 1% for the planet member.
They have six People and Planet Commitments and a 2 year Sustainability Plan. They purposefully choose potent natural ingredients that are evidence based and proven safe for pregnancy. Desert Island Essentials are committed to life-long learning, critical analysis and have a deep reverence of the knowledge shared by indigenous people worldwide. Furthermore they use their platform and privilege to raise the awareness of inequality. They speak up, engage in politics and with decision makers and ask that (if you can) you do it too. They also prioritise sourcing directly from growers and ensure ingredients are sourced from suppliers where the origin, farming, processing and handling has been disclosed and seek current ethical trade certifications.

What our experts say...


The packaging on this item is 10/10. Absolutely beautifully designed and would make a gorgeous gift for mummas-to be! It smells so amazing I want to eat it, and having jojoba as the main carrier makes it super absorbent and non greasy on my skin. I also love everything Desert Island stands for as a company, from their sourcing to their advocacy. A business that is rooted in their mission to create positive change!

–Courtney Dow


I love that this smells like Strawberry jam on toast. Its absorption is also great too! I also think it’s great that this brand uses a mix of Indigenous ingredients and Bi-waste products.

–Rebecca Sullivan


I love the dropper dispenser – it makes it so easy to dispense the right amount and avoids any drips and spills! The oil disperses quickly across the skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue which is great! My skin feels immediately softer after use. I love how thoughtful, ethical and sustainable this brand is. They have clearly thought so intentionally about every part of their production and packaging process, making a product that is not only high quality, but is also thoughtfully produced and packaged. A couple of my favourite things about their process include the fact that a part of their formula is made from a bi product of jam/juice manufacturing, making it zero-waste AND recycled, and I also love that their packaging can be composted!

–Emma Meyer

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