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Designer Bums – All-In-Two Cloth Nappy


Nappy made from: Bamboo, cotton, Vegan suedecloth, PUL.
Designer Bums pride themselves on being diverse and inclusive. Their product materials are toxin-free, natural and organic where possible. They have a stable network of trusted suppliers that are mainly based in China that lead the way in their respective fields when it comes to standards and safety. The brand aims at working with factories that are able to provide certifications for their materials, a fair work environment and pay for their staff and are open to visits, audits, and inspections. Designer Bums is also a member of Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions in global supply chains.
Designer Bums goal is to leave the smallest footprint possible and encourage others to do the same by making useful, eco-parenting products that are sustainable but still stylish and fun. The brand uses the highest quality OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified materials available that are eco-focused, natural, and organic where possible and free of toxins. Designer Bums uses biodegradable or compostable, plant-based packaging for shipping and their products are 100% plastic-free and in minimal packaging. In addition, they have an eco-conscious office and reuse and recycle.
Designer Bums donates significant amounts of money and stock to many worthy causes, charities, and hospitals. They raise awareness of important social issues through the artwork displayed on their products and by the causes they highlight and raise money for. The brand supports their community with education and personalised assistance to be successful in using more mindful parenting products.

What our experts say...


Designer Bums has beautiful designs and a comfortable fit. They came with a great variety of inserts as well which gives me flexibility with how I use them. They included a great fitting guide too which I found incredibly helpful. Designer Bums certifications and commitment to safe working conditions for their manufacturers is very important to me.

–Courtney Dow


I love how well this nappy washed, I didn’t find the inserts warped or curling after washing them. It was also easy to achieve a good fit for my baby. I love that there are no harmful chemicals used so these nappies are gentle on my baby’s skin.

–Claire Karlson


I love the Designer Bums patterns. The snaps were easy to use and there was lots of room for growth for my 15 month old. I didn’t have any leaks when using these and cleaning was no problem with no lingering smells after washing. My baby’s skin felt dry to touch when used overnight. I liked the PUL outer layer, to ensure no leaks into clothing. I love that these nappies are reusable and the quality is amazing! I found them to be super soft and they wash well. It is great that they use GOTS certified fabrics along with organic natural fibres, that’s a big plus for me.

–Samantha Gilmore

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