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Designer Bums – Wet Bag


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Food Grade PUL.
Designer Bums pride themselves on being diverse and inclusive. Their product materials are toxin-free, natural and organic where possible. They have a stable network of trusted suppliers that are mainly based in China that lead the way in their respective fields when it comes to standards and safety. The brand aims at working with factories that are able to provide certifications for their materials, a fair work environment and pay for their staff and are open to visits, audits, and inspections. Designer Bums is also a member of Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions in global supply chains.
Designer Bums goal is to leave the smallest footprint possible and encourage others to do the same by making useful, eco-parenting products that are sustainable but still stylish and fun. The brand uses the highest quality OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified materials available that are eco-focused, natural, and organic where possible and free of toxins. Designer Bums uses biodegradable or compostable, plant-based packaging for shipping and their products are 100% plastic-free and in minimal packaging. In addition, they have an eco-conscious office and reuse and recycle.
Designer Bums donates significant amounts of money and stock to many worthy causes, charities, and hospitals. They raise awareness of important social issues through the artwork displayed on their products and by the causes they highlight and raise money for. The brand supports their community with education and personalised assistance to be successful in using more mindful parenting products.

What our experts say...

Given that my kids are out of nappies, I didn’t actually expect to use this product so much. However, it landed at exactly the same time as school swimming lessons starting – HUZZAH! It became a surprise hero in the cavalry and my daughter could stuff her wet bathers and a reasonably large beach towel into it. It really worked and I didn’t have to reach into her bag for any soggy end-of-day surprises. Really handy.

I like that the brand is committed to leaving as small a footprint as possible. The packaging was lovely and compostable and I appreciated that.

– Emily Ehlers

I like that it is waterproof. I also found that having two separate zipped compartments was really useful. I have been using it as a swimming bag to put my children’s wet bathers in after their swimming lessons and the moisture doesn’t leak through. I also liked how the straps were multipurpose, the snap locks so it can be used as a backpack or more of a satchel (would be great for hanging over a pram handle). My four and six years olds both wore it comfortably on their backs to swimming lessons.

I like that the brand donates not only money but stock at times as well. They seem very aware of how important their impact is, right back to their supply chain and I love that they chose to work with factories who have certifications on safe and fair practices.

– Shannon Welch

The Designer Bums Wet Bag is brilliantly designed featuring two separate zipper compartments. The straps feature the snap buttons you find on modern cloth nappies and allows you to easily attach the bag to prams or to roll up the bag to store in your nappy/handbag. It’s a great multi purpose bag you can use with kids, at swimming lessons, the beach or even for shopping and I love the rainbow print!

I like the community that has been built and the charity work is an amazing component of Designer Bums. I also love that the artwork used on the products helps to build awareness of social issues.

– Fiona Mirouco

This gorgeous wet bag is a beach/ swimming lesson essential in our family. It makes bringing home wet swimmers and clothes so easy and keeps the rest of our things dry. I love that it has multiple pockets so that I can keep goggles and swim hats in one – or if I’m lucky enough to be heading for a swim solo, I put my phone and keys in one pocket and my dry clothes in the other. I love that it has straps so that I can use it as a backpack. Seriously life changing.

– Emily Fletcher

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