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Deva Cacao – 85g Mint w Nibs block



Delight in the invigorating fusion of organic peppermint oil, rich dark cacao and crunchy raw cacao nibs. This delectable product boasts a remarkable 78% raw cacao content.

Made from excellent organic ingredients including organic cacao and peppermint oil, sweetened with raw bush honey. Dairy free.
Deva Cacao uses organic ingredients in their products, with the exception of honey, which is sourced from a local bee farmer within 100 km of their workshop. They have a personal relationship with the bee farmer and pick up orders directly from his property, supporting the local economy. The cacao products used are certified organic and imported from Peru by Arrow Foods, a reputable Australian family business. Arrow Foods recently obtained Fair Trade certification for their cacao products and Deva Cacao is currently in discussions with them about purchasing their Fair Trade cacao for future shipments. All other ingredients in their products are either organic or exempt from organic certification.
Deva is committed to sustainable farming practices and minimizing waste by using organic ingredients, compostable packaging and recyclable materials. They reuse bubble wrap and collect second-hand Styrofoam boxes and ice packs to minimize waste and protect their product during shipping. All cardboard products are printed on carbon-neutral or recycled paper, and they give away excess products to avoid food waste. Deva Cacao uses bio packing tape and runs a low-waste workplace. They also have a new product that will support Koala conservation and the Wheen Bee Foundation.
Deva Cacao is a low-waste workplace that produces organic raw chocolate that is gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free, catering to people with health conditions and special dietary requirements. The brand has purchased Koala-shaped chocolate moulds to release a new chocolate that will contribute a percentage of sales towards Koala Conservation. Deva is registered with the Wheen Bee Foundation under the Business Buddies program to make a monthly donation in support of bee health research and education for their declining population. Furthermore the brand donates products to various causes and sponsors local events.

Product reviews from our experts…


I loved the smooth texture of the chocolate and the hint of mint which was lovely and refreshing for a chocolate. I’m also impressed by their commitment to sustainable farming practices and minimizing waste by using organic ingredients, compostable packaging and recyclable materials.

–Katherine Hay


This has a unique taste and would be a dream for honey lovers! I also love that the ingredients are so thoughtful and that the honey is grown from a local bee farmer supporting the local economy.

–Dee Zibara


I enjoyed the mint and strong flavour! This was also a great size. I was also impressed by the sustainable farming practices, compostable packaging and by their use of recycled materials.

–Eljay Esson

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