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Deva Cacao – 85g Sour Cherry Bar


Made from excellent ingredients including Certified organic raw cacao and sour cherries, sweetened with raw Australian bush honey. Dairy free.
Deva Cacao utilises organic and local (honey is sourced from a local bee farmer) ingredients. The brand's certified organic cacao products are imported from Peru by a reputable Australian family business, Arrow Foods, who are in the process of gaining Fair Trade certification. Deva Cacao’s products are free from common additives, including sulphites in the fruit.
Deva Cacao supports sustainable farming practices by using organic ingredients. For this particular product they use bamboo sticks rather than plastic or paper sticks, because it is the most ethical and sustainable option available. Their packaging includes certified compostable NatureFlex bags for the inner wrapper of their products and recycled card boxes for the outer layer of their packaging. The brand consistently uses recyclable or second hand materials for web orders (e.g., cardboard box mailers and butchers’ paper/newspaper to pad the product inside these boxes), reuses all materials received from incoming orders (such as bubble wrap) and uses bio packaging tape. Finally, the brand runs a low waste office.
Deva Cacao makes monthly donations to the Australian Wheen Bee Foundation which undertakes research, drives projects and educates people about keeping bees healthy. In addition, they donate products to several other causes/events such as The Tamworth Cup (2021), Screenwave International Film Festival, as well as raffle prizes for local schools, women in business events and Blaze Aid. Since hearing that Koalas are now classified as endangered in NSW, the brand has purchased a number of Koala shaped chocolate moulds in preparation to launch a new chocolate that will contribute a % of the sales to Koala Conservation.

What our experts say...


This organic, raw, dark chocolate bar contains small, chewy cherries evenly scattered throughout it. These sweet and sour surprises provide a wonderful flavour contrast to the rich cacao flavours. I love that the chocolate is made up of only a few carefully selected ingredients and is delicately sweetened with honey rather than refined sugars. The quality of this delicious treat, along with the exquisite and sustainable packaging it comes in, make this chocolate bar the perfect gift – for a friend or yourself. Deva Cacao demonstrates their commitment to the environment through supporting sustainable farming practices and consistently using thoughtfully selected product packaging. Wonderfully, the brand has purchased Koala shaped chocolate moulds in preparation to launch a new chocolate, which will contribute (% of sales) to Koala Conservation.

–Dominique Scott


Loved opening and getting a cute quote surprise! So fun. I loved the tart cherries in the smooth choccie. The chocolate was so smooth, gorgeous and distinctive. I love LOVE the packaging and that it is all able to be turned into soil for my veggie garden. Deva has really thought about every single step along the way – from the sourcing of each and every ingredient to the beautiful compostable packaging.

–Jade Woodd


This delicious chocolate is rich in flavour, the squares are a good size and the combination of honey and sour cherries creates the perfect sweetness. I think the brand’s sustainability and social responsibility is noteworthy, great to see they are conscious of the environment with their materials. I love that they use recyclable materials and support sustainable farming practices. I think it is great they choose to use local honey and give their empty honey buckets to local farmers!

–Caitlin Rule

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