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Deva Cacao – Macadamia Bar


Made from excellent ingredients including organic macadamias and organic cacao, sweetened with raw bush honey. Dairy free.
Deva Cacao utilises organic and local (honey is sourced from a local bee farmer) ingredients. The brand’s certified organic cacao products are imported from Peru by a reputable Australian family business, Arrow Foods, who expect to gain Fair Trade certification by the end of 2021. Deva Cacao’s products are free from common additives, including sulphites in fruit.
Deva Cacao supports sustainable farming practices by using organic ingredients. Their packaging includes certified compostable NatureFlex bags for the inner wrapper of their products and recycled card boxes for the outer layer of their packaging. The brand consistently uses recyclable or second hand materials for web orders (e.g., cardboard box mailers and butchers’ paper/newspaper to pad the product inside these boxes), reuses all materials received from incoming orders (such as bubble wrap) and uses bio packaging tape. Finally, the brand runs a low waste office.
Deva Cacao makes monthly donations to the Australian Wheen Bee Foundation which undertakes research, drives projects and educates people about keeping bees healthy. In addition, they donate products to several other causes/events such as The Tamworth Cup (2021), Screenwave International Film Festival, as well as raffle prizes for local schools, women in business events and Blaze Aid.

What our experts say...

The ingredients are amazing – love the wholefood approach and the whole feel of the bar. Very delicious! I loved everything about the product and the mission that the brand is on with compostable packaging, supporting local farmers (and the bees) and the upcoming fairtrade certification.

– Jade Woodd

I love the chocolate, it is crisp and not too sweet. The macadamia pieces are a good size. A delicious product. I think the brand’s sustainability and social responsibility is noteworthy, having achieved really fantastic initiatives and outcomes thus far.

– Rebecca Sullivan

This delicious melt in your mouth richly chocolatey bar is actually good for you. Raw cacao has up to 4 times more antioxidants than traditional cocoa powder and also has essential nutrients such as magnesium, which helps reduce muscle tension and anxiety. I love how it is sweetened only with raw bush honey and I really appreciate that the inner pouch is home compostable.

– Emily Fletcher

This colourful, beautifully boxed chocolate bar is created with a wonderful selection of raw, organic ingredients and is sweetened with honey only. The smooth and rich dark chocolate is complemented by chunks of crunchy macadamia nuts. The environmentally friendly packaging is truly the cherry on top of this exquisite edible delight.

– Dominique Scott

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