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Dough My Dear – Buttermilk Playdough


Made from excellent non-toxic materials.
Dough My Dear only use Australian ingredients in their handmade products and support local manufacturers.
Packaging for products consists of glass jars, recycled cardboard boxes, wood wool and biodegradable tape. Products are made to order to avoid waste and items are sent via carbon neutral delivery service Sendle.
Dough My Dear support the community of Australian businesses by selecting local manufacturers for the production of their range.

What our experts say...

Beautiful packaging and my boys said it was the ‘softest playdough EVER’. I love that the playdough is made with only Australian ingredients too. Very impressed.

– Amanda Callan

I love how this playdough stimulates not only the sense of touch, but also smell. (Though I am so relieved that the ingredients in this are all food grade as this dough smells seriously delicious and I’m sure my 3 year old has had a taste!) OT’s often recommend playdough to strengthen the hand muscles in preparation for writing, so this activity is really beneficial for motor skills, imaginative play and also school preparation. Sometimes the simplest toys are truly the best. This playdough has led to hours of open ended play in our house… and yet it is still like the day we opened it – super smooth, fragrant and hasn’t dried out at all. Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

I love the smell! The kids love playing with it in general and mixing it with their other Dough My Dear playdoughs. Yes I love that they use glass jars (great for reusing and displaying the kids playdough collection) and I was surprised to learn that they are made to order!

– Shara Osorio

Beautifully presented in a glass jar, this play dough smells good enough to eat (and given the safety of the ingredients, you probably could eat it!) It feels soft and pliable between the fingers and the kids have delighted in crafting many shapes, objects and creatures with it. I appreciate that it is locally made and presented in reusable packaging.

– Emma Freeman

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