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Dr. Hauschka – Cleansing Balm


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes calendula, birch extract and apricot kernal oil.
Dr. Hauschka uses organic raw materials from around the world sourced with sustainable local partnerships. Dr Hauschka has never tested its products on animals. Furthermore they provide company bicycles, pay our employees’ public transport fares and provide a carpooling platform.
Dr. Hauschka almost exclusively obtains plants, oils and waxes from controlled organic cultivation and under fair trade conditions. They think and work in material cycles – for example, when using rain water or easy-to-recycle packaging materials. They have procured 100% certified green electricity for many years. They regenerated and created a medicinal plant garden. In January 2020, they switched fully to biomethane produced by waste materials. Furthermore they make sure materials can stay in the material cycle for as long as possible. By using aluminium tubes made from recycled industrial waste, they achieve energy savings of 95%. By 2025, they aim to have 90% of their packaging materials to be recyclable.
The shea butter used in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products is part of a long-term partnership in certified organic, fair trade shea butter. They pay a correspondingly higher price for this quality, which benefits many small farming families in 21 local villages. The extra money is invested in public health education and drinking water treatment, as well as in village development initiatives. Dr Hauschka’s approach to cultivation and raw material partnerships is to ensure that as much of the value chain as possible remains within the country of origin. Shea nuts are wild harvested then shelled by the women and dried, ensuring they can earn a reliable income.

What our experts say...


I really loved the natural mud-like texture of this cleansing balm (which is a lot like a paste) and I loved the ease of application using the aluminium tube. I enjoyed the process of cleansing on dampened skin, it felt good between my fingers and on my face. It left my skin feeling super cleansed and wasn’t at all stripping. I will continue to use this product, for sure! As an international brand, Dr Haushka is setting a gold standard when it comes to being sustainable and generally thinking ahead when it comes to the planet! They also seem to be deeply invested in social responsibility. I also appreciate that the tube is aluminium!

–Emma Freeman


This is a cute little cleanser that suits both mine and my husband’s skin, making it a good choice for us both. I love the gel to milk formula that leaves skin feeling clean and supple, but never tight. Also, I’m a sucker for this kind of packaging as it’s so easy to use, travel with and take into the shower with you. This product is good for all skin types with its highly moisturising formula containing calendula, birch extract and apricot kernel oil. The brand’s approach resonates with me as a global company who tries their best to sustain high standards by sourcing ingredients all over the world but with sustainable local partnerships in place.

–Amy Hughes


I have a real thing about balm-to-milk cleansers and I absolutely loved this one. It goes on a thick balm and I found it easily dislodged makeup and sunscreen, once the water combines that milk is lovely for rinsing everything off and leaving skin feeling very clean without being stripped. This brand is doing amazing things when it comes to social responsibility from ingredient sourcing, manufacturing and the conditions of their workers. This is truly impressive!

–Erin Norden

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