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Dragon Grove Fragrances – Meadow Natural Perfume



The Dragon Grove Fragrances Meadow natural perfume is a vegan and handmade fragrance. It combines essential oils of Geranium, Blood Orange, Patchouli, Palmarosa, Manuka, Jasmine, Gardenia, Rose, Frankincense and Cinnamon Bark. It contains no synthetic fragrances, only pure essential oils.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients.
Dragon Grove Fragrances is a Brisbane-based brand known for their handmade products that prioritise organic ingredients and only use plant-based natural extracts, with no paraffin or chemical fragrances/preservatives. They are also committed to using ethical and sustainable sourcing practices for their essential oils and are both vegan and do not test on animals. All of their products are also Palm Oil free.
Dragon Grove Fragrances prioritises sustainability by using biodegradable or recyclable packaging for their products, dispatching orders with honeycomb wrap and biodegradable mailers, and sourcing all essential oils and absolutes from ethically-sourced and sustainable suppliers. The Meadow fragrance comes in a recyclable green bottle with a plastic lid and roller-ball insert, but the founder hopes that eco-friendly alternatives will become commercially available in the future.
Tyler is passionate about sustainable gardening and agriculture and is a member of the Queensland Herb Society and the Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. Dragon Grove Fragrances is a business sponsor of Barung Landcare, a community organization that works to restore, protect, and regenerate the Blackall Ranges and its surrounds.

Product reviews from our experts…


A lovely vegan, floral blend in certified organic jojoba oil, hand-made in Brisbane. I also love that the brand is palm-oil-free with no chemical preservatives and that they use biodegradable or recyclable packaging and source their oils from ethical and sustainable suppliers.

–Kelley Sheenan


A gorgeous scent that feels divine to apply and wear. There’s little else to say except that the scent is strong and lasting.

It is also impressive to see brands sourcing carefully selected ingredients to fit with a policy of sustainability. The care that this needs and the time that it requires does not go unnoticed.

–Alena Turley


I really love the floral tone of the fragrance and the cute idea of packaging it in a box on a bed of honeycomb papers. The fragrance is subtle enough that this is what I’ll use on days when I work in a low-fragrance environment.

I also love how the founders of the company are making their product as circular as possible and working with a local group to protect the precious environment.

–Ria Andriani

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