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Dundies – Reusable Puppy Pad


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials.
Dundies are proud to manufacture all their nappies in Australia, from mostly locally sourced non-toxic and in some cases recycled materials. Where sourcing fabrics/materials in Australia is not possible, they work with textile manufacturers in China who have ethical treatment of their workers including fair pay and safe working conditions. The brand tries to keep production as local as possible and ensures their home based seamstresses are paid above minimum wage for their work. They also have an Infant at work policy ensuring mums can generate income for their families while bringing their babies to work.
Dundies ships out products direct to customers in a reusable laundry bag. These are packed in corn-starch biodegradable mailer bags for the post. The brand's wholesale orders are packaged in recycled cardboard boxes, secured with paper tape. Dundies office is run by solar power, their fabric off cuts are donated to kindergartens for craft,’ seconds’ nappies are donated to rescue groups and the brand asks for all imports to be packaged in cardboard rather than individually wrapped in plastics. The brand also offers a returns program where the customer can send the nappy back once no longer needed and it is then passed on to a pet rescue group free of charge. Furthermore they have recently made a switch to having their Velcro manufactured from new plastics to being made from recycled ocean plastics.
Dundies is associated with several rescue groups and provides free nappies to dogs in care; senior dogs, incontinent dogs, dogs in heat, disabled pets and for post-surgical care. They also provide free one on one support to foster carers looking after these dogs, over the phone or zoom, that cover all they need to know about using pet nappies and caring for a dog with extended needs. In addition, the brand works with vet clinics and vet nurses to inform them about pet nappy safety and how to safely use pet nappies. They have developed CCC and FAP models of infection prevention and inflammation care that can be implemented regardless of the nappy used, and share this freely with vet clinics. Providing this information helps Dundies achieve their goal of reducing pre mature euthanasia rates of pets suffering incontinence one dog at a time!

What our experts say...


Super absorbent and easy to wash, these waterproof absorbent pads are great for puppy training or catching dribbles from messy drinkers, also non-sip and easily washable. You could even use it as a mat in the back of the car post beach plays. Made from bamboo, these are so much better than a disposable pad. Love that these are Australian made and owned – very admirable given the challenges. Keep up the good work!

–Amy Hughes


This pad is beautifully made, using lightweight material with quality stitching. It’s the perfect size and shape for puppy training, but I love that it also works for travel, senior dogs and marking. You could also use it under the sheets on a kids bed when they are toilet training. It’s very clever! I love that it’s replacing disposable pads, and that it comes in its own wash bag, without further packaging. I really like the ethos of saving dogs from being put down, and I appreciate the Social Responsibility steps they are taking. I noticed the paper tape and recycled packaging straight away.

–Lucy E Cousins


It’s a clever idea and very easy to use. Injecting some ethical products into the pet market is brilliant as it is over-run with options which are not well considered. Using long-lasting materials ticks a box for me in terms of reducing waste and unnecessary consumerism. Handmade is also really commendable and rare.

–Alena Turley

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