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e.sup – soda.a natural all-purpose cleaner


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients.
E.sup's soda range is manufactured in Sydney, Australia. They source ingredients and packaging locally where possible. They also ensure to only purchase from reputable suppliers who practice the same ethical standards as e.sup.
Sustainability is at the core of e.sup. E.sup stands for ending single-use plastics.Their products are concentrated lightweight powders. E.sup's soda range is using natural ingredients rather than petrochemicals. No toxic ingredients that are harmful are used. All of their packaging is reusable, recyclable or sometimes compostable. Even the tape and labels on mailing boxes is recyclable. They also use carbon neutral shipping without any plastics.
10% of all profits are donated to the Seabin Project. This is an Australian initiative to remove waste from our oceans and waterways. Plastics and other waste are clearly damaging our oceans and we need to rectify the damage that has been caused. The Seabin Project is making a huge impact but they need more funding to expand their work further.

What our experts say...


What an awesome zero waste cleaning solution! I just love that this small but generous tub of concentrated powder creates not one but 16 bottles of cleaning product! That’s 16 bottles out of landfill. The product itself is a fantastic all-round surface cleaner with a lemon scent, and the reusable bottle is unbreakable thanks to its silicone sleeve. I also love that the tub is biodegradable and the powder, which is lightweight, saves on carbon. Everything has been thought about here.
I just love that sustainability is at the heart of this business and that such a generous percentage of profits are used to clean up and protect our oceans.

–Emma Freeman


A unique idea from E SUP to provide a container of powder to make up on an as needed basis into a multipurpose cleaner. The container of powder will make many refills which is fantastic to decrease waste. The cleaner worked really well and I loved the smaller bottle size – more versatile to use around the home. Fantastic clean ingredients made locally

–Corrine Sultana


Ok, so where do I begin? I have always cleaned my house with the traditional range of baking soda and vinegar combos, but if anyone else has done this you know that sometimes it’s quite messy and requires some elbow grease. But this is where E.Sup shines, my kitchen benches and table tops turn into sparkling gems of cleanliness, without the effort. I found their sustainable packaging at a high standard, info card and personalised note a great touch, but the best part is the amount of times a cylinder can refill a bottle! What a great initiative and this brand is legitimately an eco friendly brand. Will definitely use again.

–Petria Leggo-Field

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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