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Earth Worthy – Handloom Blanket


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. 100% cotton, AZO free dyes.
Each Earth Worthy blanket is handmade in rural Bangladesh following fair trade principles. 100% of revenue is reinvested back into employing artisans and makers in Bangladesh so that they can provide for their families. Production Houses are in the artisan's backyard allowing them to participate in family life, support farming especially at harvest time and for handloom to remain as a family business. Earth Worthy works with a sourcing manager to ensure artisans have a safe and healthy work environment. They also make a 50% upfront payment for all orders to ensure artisans can be paid on time and that suppliers of the yarn can also be paid in full. Furthermore the blankets are made with 100% cotton yarn. No synthetic fibres are used. Labels are also printed on 100% cotton.
Blankets are produced with zero electricity using a traditional handloom. Made to size blankets produce zero waste with no fabric offcuts. Where possible Earth Worthy ships blankets by sea freight over air freight to significantly reduce carbon emissions in transportation. In Australia carbon neutral shipping is used through Australia Post. Earth Worthy handloom blankets are packaged in a natural jute fibre bag - jute is one of the most sustainable fibres on the planet. For shipping, blankets are wrapped in brown kraft paper with kraft tape and zero plastic is used to ensure all packaging is 100% compostable. Furthermore they consider how products can be reused, recycled or even replenish the Earth.
Earth Worthy prioritises people and the planet over profit. Proudly made in Bangladesh, where the founder Jessica previously lived and worked, they want to change perceptions and showcase the country's rich artisanal culture. Earth Worthy profits are reinvested to increase employment opportunities in Bangladesh, Continue to increase environmental outcomes and to have a positive impact on the world. In Australia Earth Worthy is a female owned and run business and they work to lift up the rights of women both in Australia and in Bangladesh. They also support working mothers who benefit from more flexible employment.

What our experts say...


The Earth Worthy blanket is traditionally made on a hand loom with lovely soft cotton. It is a generous size with vibrant colours. I found it to be really well finished and great to cover up with at night as the weather warms up. Love that the dyes used are AZO free and the social enterprise story behind its weaving. A wonderful story of social, fair trade and ethical practices. I love the people over profits story.

–Corine Sultana


This handloom weave gave this blanket a beautiful artisan touch. It added a special statement detail to my guests’ spare room. My nephew recently stayed over and it was beautiful to see him wrapped up in this gorgeous blanket. The colour of the blanket was also divine. I love that Earth Worthy preserves and celebrates traditional crafts. In a world consumed by technology it is great to see a brand honouring and creating a business that supports families that build their income on traditional craft. I appreciated to know that these crafts will be preserved so that future generations can enjoy the celebrated beauty in artistic crafts.

–Renee Carpenter


I love my blanket and so do my girls. We often would use it on the couch for Sunday arvo snuggles and a movie. It was incredibly breathable and surprisingly soft. The size was huge and I can see that we will use this alot in Summer too. Bright and fun the colours were a welcome change to the white/off-white products featured all over social media.
I love a social enterprise that is run by women and supports other women, especially those who are vulnerable in the third world. The fact that Earth Worthy products break down to become a part of the earth again, replenishing the earth again is so incredibly beautiful. The circular approach they have to their enterprise is a credit to the organisation.

–Samantha Christian

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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