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Earth Worthy – Hauler Bag


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. Jute and cotton blend with a cotton label.
Earth Worthy production houses are in the artisan's backyard allowing them to participate in family life, support farming especially at harvest time and for handloom to remain as a family business. Earth Worthy works with a sourcing manager to ensure artisans have a safe and healthy work environment. They also make a 50% upfront payment for all orders to ensure artisans can be paid on time and that suppliers of the yarn can also be paid in full. Furthermore the blankets are made with 100% cotton yarn. No synthetic fibres are used. Labels are also printed on 100% cotton.
The Hauler Bag is made from plants! Each bag is made from a jute cotton blend. Jute is one of the most sustainable fibres on the planet, it is a fast-growing, soil-enhancing fibre, with amazing environmental credentials. Made at the source the jute is grown, milled and sewn locally, reducing carbon miles. Where possible Earth Worthy ships by sea freight over air freight to significantly reduce carbon emissions in transportation. In Australia carbon neutral shipping is used through Australia Post.
Earth Worthy prioritises people and the planet over profit. Proudly made in Bangladesh, where the founder Jessica previously lived and worked, they want to change perceptions and showcase the country's rich artisanal culture. Their workers receive an attendance bonus, health insurance payment and an equal share in 20% of all profits. Makers stop work once a week to take part in education. Earth Worthy profits are reinvested to increase employment opportunities in Bangladesh, Continue to increase environmental outcomes and to have a positive impact on the world. In Australia Earth Worthy is a female owned and run business and they work to lift up the rights of women both in Australia and in Bangladesh. They also support working mothers who benefit from more flexible employment.

What our experts say...


I love that this bag, made with natural fibres jute and cotton, creates employment for survivors of the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse. To directly assist those who are ultimately victims of the fast fashion trade through the production of high-quality, hand woven products, is social responsibility at its finest. I enjoy filling this bag with my weekly farmer’s market haul as well as taking it to the beach. It’s so durable and I love the little pocket that houses my phone, keys and wallet.

–Emma Freeman


I loved the size of this bag. It is so convenient! The jute and cotton material is a great choice and I loved knowing that this bag supported the families of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse survivors. This is a beautiful story behind the workmanship of the bag. I remember watching the news in 2013 when the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed. As I work within the fashion industry this pained my heart. Therefore I strongly valued Earth Worthy’s social strategy to employ and empower the survivors and create products that will continue to support the survivors today. This is a heartwarming initiative and thoughtful supply chain.

–Renee Carpenter


Everything about this jute canvas bag is exceptional! The handmade piece is practically sized, strong and seamlessly stitched. I love that the bag is made from plant fibres that are long-lasting but also completely compostable at the end of their life. Interestingly, jute farming is not only sustainable, but the plant also enhances the quality of the soil it grows in! It is inspiring to see a brand that is dedicated to creating ethical products that are kind to the earth.

–Dominique Scott

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