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Earth Worthy – Travel Face Mask – Reusable


Made from 2 layers of poly-cotton and a natural cotton inner layer. Includes a medical grade filter.
Earth Worthy is a social enterprise committed to putting people and the planet first. All their products are therefore produced ethically and fairly in Bangladesh. To manufacture the travel face mask, Earth Worthy partnered with fellow social enterprise Lidia May. Aligned with Earth Worthy's values, the organisation is committed to sustainable and responsible production, they support women artisans to enter into the skilled labor market. They also fund a primary school to support the children of workers and support over 400 families in the urban slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The Earth Worthy mask is made from the highest possible amount of natural and biodegradable materials, 68% of the materials in the mask are biodegradable. Being washable and reusable the mask significantly reduces waste compared to single use masks. Earth Worthy uses plastic free packaging for all postal orders - paper envelopes or kraft paper packaging. The masks themselves are packaged in a zip lock bag that is reusable for the life of the mask so that it can be stored hygienically. The bag can then be red-cycled.
Masks are independently tested to ensure they are safe and effective. Earth Worthy masks can be reused for up to 2 months. Rotating 2-3 Earth Worthy face masks while travelling and being able to easily hand wash the masks with ordinary hand soap allows for low waste travel with minimal fuss. Earth Worthy also established a Prevention Awareness Campaign in Dhaka: Flyers, talks, demonstrations and handing out soap. Helping ensure people are better equipped to deal with the crisis. Furthermore they care for their workers: Guaranteed income security, help in buying food and supplies if locked in quarantine, structured migration to WFH regime to reduce uncertainty and stress and increased one-to-one counselling.

What our experts say...


The amount of face mask waste from the COVID19 pandemic is massive. A reusable mask that can perform as well as an N95 mask is so needed – well done. I love how the product is empowering disadvantaged women to improve the lives of themselves and their families.

–Laura Trotta


I enjoyed using a reusable mask that was purpose led and supported women artisans step out of slums and into a skilled labor market. The waste of single use masks has never sat well with me and therefore it was great to know that when I was wearing this reusable product that I too played a role in diverting a percentage of the globe’s single mask waste issue. The packaging, product and social responsibility statement delivered a strong message in how Earthworthy seeked to combat waste while empowering and protecting people. This resonated with me as I too seek to serve and empower others and value combating global waste.

–Renee Carpenter


I really like the fit. It’s a well designed mask and very comfortable. I also like that it’s supporting people in Bangladesh who have survived a factory collapse.
Reusable and supporting communities align very well with my values. The more we can empower and support others and communities the better equipped they will be for their future.

–Julie Mathers

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