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Ek Sunscreen – Kawakawa & Tamanu SPF50 Natural Family Sun Protection


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients including rosehip and jojoba oils, shea butter and manuka honey. Contains zinc oxide. SPF 50+
Earths Kitchen (EK) products are Natrue certified meaning their products' ingredients are certified 100% natural or nature-identical. EK Sunscreen has proudly won Global Green Beauty Awards for 2020 Gold winner - Best Plant Based Product Silver winner - Best Ethical Product. They are passionate about bringing back 100% natural health to humans by eradicating poisonous sunscreens. Traditional poisonous sunscreens are toxic to not only people but also waterways, coral reefs and entire marine ecosystems.
EK is partnered with Pacific Island locals, businesses, wisdom keepers and coral reseeding projects to educate, learn and regenerate our Reefs. They have resorts and airlines already singing praises in Hawaii welcoming their coral die-back solution. Their native NZ forest medicine is wildcrafted with sustainable practices, just utilising the aerial parts to grow our plants, not chop them down. They also offer free education each weekend and at most festivals - forest regeneration projects and coral restoration programs.
EK Sunscreens is an official sponsor for Waterborne America's Cup Festival and Earth's Kitchen Run for Cleaner Coastlines. They have also Partnered with women's initiatives in Pacific Islands and Zambia and are initiating partnerships at present with Sea Legacy, Blue Sphere Foundation and Ocean Impact. Furthermore they support family owned businesses in NZ and have a Youth Leadership Program in the Pacific islands. EK Sunscreens also sponsors; surf clubs, schools, beach days and fishing comps with free sunscreen.

What our experts say...


This sunscreen smells really good, it provides a wonderful coverage for hot sunny days! I love that it’s 50+, that mixed with the plant-based ingredients gives me a lot of trust in this product for my family! This company is super invested in the environment, which is really commendable. Their work with organisations trying to solve echo-problems is really at the heart of this brand, which I love!

–Lucy Cousins


It is impossible to know where to start when talking about what I liked most about EK Sunscreen’s Kawakawa + Tamanu SPF50! The formula is incredible to apply, is non-greasy, leaves your skin feeling as though it has just been moisturised and protects beautifully. But that is just the beginning. The dedication by EK in formulating a product organically, naturally, and with respect and commitment to preserving the health of people and our fragile ecosystems, is worthy of applause! A sunscreen that both myself and my kids loved. Having done a lot of research into reef safe natural suncare over the past year, I was really impressed with the approach that EK have taken towards formulating this standout product. This is demonstrated through their use of organic and natural ingredients, their wildcrafting practices and their commitment to social responsibility through their active role in regenerative partnerships and projects across the globe!

–Niccii Kugler


This is one of the least visible sunscreens I have applied despite feeling quite concentrated coming out of the tube. Smelling divine, this is easy to apply and packed with skin nourishing ingredients! I also love how Earth’s Kitchen is so active in their efforts to raise awareness about protecting our reefs!

–Emily Fletcher

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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