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Earths Tribe – Cellulose Sponge


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. 70% cellulose from wood pulp, 30% cotton.
Earths Tribe chose Germany as their manufacturing partner, as they are one of the original countries to make these types of sponges. They use trusted manufacturing partners across the entire range that can guarantee no child labour has been used as well as safe and a properly paid working conditions are adhered to. The ingredients for their cellulose sponges are 100% Plastic free and can be broken down in Home compost systems which is very important to Earths Tribe.
All products are packaged minimally with a recycled kraft paper wrap or boxes. Products are wrapped by upcycling who gives a crap toilet roll paper or butchers paper saved from landfill. Compostable satchels are also used. In their warehouse 100% renewable energy is used and any carbon is offset by tree planting and other green initiatives. Minimal bleach free, recycled paper is used. All parcels are sent Carbon Neutral. They have also made the pledge to Zero Co's, Work Waste Challenge. Furthermore they only work with manufactures that can ship products plastic free and are a 100% Palm oil free business.
Earths Tribe is partnered up with i=Change which allows their business to give back $1 with every single online order to a purpose project of the customers choice. Through i=Change they support: Greening Australia to Restore the land, the Seabin Project to clean the sea and WWF Rewild Australia to help regenerate Australia. Furthermore they have a Recycle and Save program. They run a program through TerraCycle to help customers recycle waste effectively. When they send in waste a $10 store voucher is earned to help them switch to a zero waste alternative! Other Community initiatives they are involved in include: Clean up Australia day, Adopt a Koala (Port Macquarie Koala Hospital) and Adopt an Orangutan ( The Orangutan Project).

What our experts say...


Great size, super absorbent eco cloth that’s home compostable at the end of life! Business uses renewable energy in warehouse and is looking to reduce energy consumption (eg. energy efficient light globes). The Recycle and Save program is a great example of how they are going the extra mile to make an impact. Well done.

–Laura Trotta


Not only do Earth Tribe’s sponges work amazingly well but they are super cute patterns as well! Such a versatile product that can be used all over the house and is really effective at what it does. A desire to continually do better with their approach to protecting the environment through their practices and product chain.

–Corrine Sultana


It’s easy to use, works well, is very absorbent and is plastic-free. I also like that it is manufactured in Germany as many of these cloths are now made in China cheaply. I love that they have detailed out what they are doing down to the lights they use in the office. They work with i=change, Greening Australia and others to actually hold themselves accountable.

–Julie Mathers

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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