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Earthwise Beauty – Black Locust Firming Concentrate


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Includes Kalahari melon seed oil, bakuchiol, calendula and champaca extract.
Earthwise Beauty is certified cruelty free. Additionally,they are supporting members of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. At Earthwise Beauty, they pride themselves on commitment to protecting animals and the environment. They source honey and pollen from beekeepers who raise their bees and harvest the honey using humane practices. Their main beekeeper partner in California harvests only the surplus honey, and if there is a drought, he will not harvest at all to ensure that the bees never go hungry. The wildflower pollen used is obtained without harming or stressing the bees using a mesh pollen trap at the entrance of the hive. All of their honey and flower pollen is 100% natural, pure, raw, and organic or wildcrafted. All products are made from start-to-finish in the USA, by a small, yet mighty team of women.
Earthwise Beauty makes every effort to find the absolute best quality ingredients that nature has to offer. They seek out local, eco-friendly suppliers, minimize waste, give back to environmental advocacy organizations, and educate others through outreach and by example. Furthermore they are dedicated to finding the most earth-friendly products available for all packaging and shipping, and are constantly on the hunt for better and more sustainable options
Earthwise Beauty have set up an ongoing quarterly donation program to nonprofit organizations that not only spread the word about man-caused damage to the planet earth, its climate, and its fauna and flora, but that have the know-how to effect real changes. They make donations of 10% of an order's value when the promotional code “ForTheWorld'sForests” is used to the featured non profit for that quarter. Currently all proceeds will be going to The Orangutan Project. In addition for several years they also contributed monthly to SeaLegacy, a Canada-based organization dedicated to the protection and recovery of the world's oceans. They have also previously supported; Amazon Frontlines and the Amazon Forest Fund.

What our experts say...


I really love this booster, it adds easily to creams and is beautiful on its own, it absorbs really well, mixes well and has such a great earthy look and feel. I love that they used bakuchiol and I am impressed with their commitment to not just cruelty free, but also the ethical nature of honey production, plus their attention to the safe cosmetics message!

–Carla King-Turner


When you feel like you are worthy of queen-like status, this is the concentrate you need! My dry skin loves this after a good drenching of misting spray, and I can apply straight to skin or mix a few drops into my regular moisturiser. Containing phytonutrients and tocopherols, I’m looking forward to seeing the long term benefits of incorporating this into my skincare routine. I also love that the brand has committed to creating an oil based serum while considering non comedogenic nurturing. A true elixir in its own right! I love the way this sinks deep into skin with its golden colour and immersive scent. This is a skincare ritual to be sought after. They are really walking their talk when it comes to their Social Responsibilities and that’s so good to see. Very impressive!

–Amy Hughes


I love the unique greenish colour, earthy scent, and how easily it melts into the skin. The key ingredients such as Kalahari Melon and Bakuchiol are powerful. I love how well it interacts and layers with my other serums too. Their logo and packaging is also beautiful and inviting, and I love that it clearly states “Vegan and Certified Cruelty-Free” on the bottle. All of their efforts for both environmental and animal conversation are simply impressive, especially their work with The World’s Forests and The Orangutan Project. It seems that giving back is really at the heart of this brand as they do so every quarter with targeted efforts for tangible change.

–Neha Hobson

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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