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Eat for You – Little Hero Bar: chocolate + coconut


Made from excellent organic ingredients including Certified organic dates, coconut, pepitas and cacao.
Eat for You is a values driven brand who manufactures their organic food in Australia and sources ingredients from Australian producers whenever possible. The brand batch tests every production run to access the nutrient content and the presence of pathogenic bacteria and other contaminants.
Eat for You is a carbon neutral company and their manufacturing facility runs entirely from power generated by wind. The brand also actively and regularly participates in reforestation events and are members of the global ‘Kiss the Ground’ movement. Eat for You encourages change through blogs, IGTV’s, recorded interviews with sustainability experts and digital content focused on practical solutions to preserving our environment. The brand only uses certified home compostable packaging and planet protector wool liners.
Eat for You uses 50% of their profits to directly donate food to those in need. So far they have donated almost 600kg of food to those experiencing homelessness and disadvantage. Recently, the brand contributed to the Northern NSW flood relief efforts - donating 50kg of their nutritious food to those affected in the region.

What our experts say...


My kids loved the taste and texture of this tasty, organic, chocolate and coconut bar. “I love it!” said my fussy one. Whilst it’s pretty easy to convince him to eat anything containing chocolate, “healthy” chocolate treats often don’t pass the test! My older son said “Tastes like chocolate ice cream!” What I love about this product is that it’s not only packed with yummy goodness, but it’s nut free – meaning I can send it to school in the kids’ lunchboxes! I love Eat For You’s transparency around its ingredients and being carbon neutral. I love that the bar’s wrappers are home compostable. And I truly love that they donate 50% of their profits to those in need. What a wonderful purpose-driven brand!

–Emma Freeman


Absolutely delicious! This is a fabulous snack that got lots of thumbs up from the kids. Nutritious, uncomplicated ingredients blended together in a yummy offering. I love that they are lunch box friendly! Transparent, honest ingredients, organic and community focussed – what’s not to love and align with!

–Corrine Sultana


I love that the Eat For You Little Hero Bar contains only a few ingredients, but is so tasty! It’s always great to have a healthier option available for the kids. I love that the packaging is home compostable and the passion that Eat For You has for sustainability and equitable access to nutritious food.

–Fiona Morouco

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