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EB Skin – Symbiotic Deodorant Neroli & Vanilla 40g



The Symbiotic Deodorants by EBSkin feature a unique Active Biome-Friendly Formula that effectively combats body odor and hydrates the skin. This eco lush blend is gentle on all skin types and ideal for individuals sensitive to bicarb, magnesium, or alcohol-based deodorants.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including organic, fair trade shea butter, jojoba oil and organic sweet orange and neroli oils.
EB Skin is a Brisbane-based deodorant manufacturer that uses aluminium tins which are infinitely recyclable. The brand uses Fair Trade Shea Butter, wildcrafted herbs and Australian macadamia oil and sandalwood. EB does not use mica due to the possibility of child labour being involved and uses labels printed by Australian-owned businesses. The brand values the impact it can have on the families in West Africa and seeks out organic and wildcrafted options, even if it means being temporarily out of stock.
EB is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions for their skincare products. They use plastic-free mailers, water-activated paper tape and reusable packaging for their orders. Refill options are available for some products, with tins that can be reused and boxes that are home compostable. They also invest in their own printers and cutting machines to avoid large label orders and minimize waste. EBSkin uses local, seasonal ingredients to further reduce their carbon footprint. Their deodorant line features an aluminium bottle with plans for a plastic-free lid option in the future.
EB’s social responsibility efforts involve supporting Days for Girls and also championing a multi-use product ethos and maintaining a less is more approach. The brand also aims to encourage people to always research thoroughly, ask questions and share information, as well as promoting healthy aging and love for oneself and their daughters.

Product reviews from our experts…


This deodorant cream was in close competition for being the creamiest with the smoothest, most grit-free application. It’s both bicarb and magnesium free (the latter being the common replacement for bicarb in many formulations) so it’s ultra easy on the skin. Plus, the formula used probiotics (e.g. good bacteria) alongside things like arrowroot and zinc oxide to keep the bad, body-odor-causing bacteria at bay, which is the first of its kind we’ve seen. It has a lovely orange blossom scent and the cream comes in an aluminium pot. For me it worked all day to keep body odor away and I like to think that the good bacteria is working in the long run to keep the skin and microbiome in my underarms healthy!

They source Fair Trade Shea Butter and wildcrafted ingredients and are willing to be out of stock instead of finding a different source, which demonstrates the ethics they maintain around formulating their products. I like that they are working on becoming a fully plastic free brand as well and try to do the little things like smaller print runs of labels, etc. so that they are managing their waste wherever they can.

–Jessica Teas


Ultra creamy, easy to spread deodorant that felt really nice on the skin. It worked really well and had a lovely scent! The formula is very interesting and focuses on our skin biome more closely. I also appreciate how the brand is focusing on their targeted community.

–Corrine Sultana


This deodorant has nice packaging and a pleasant smell! We also love the brand’s girl power approach to selling their products!

–Kirstie + Sarah

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