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Eco Art and Craft – Eco Playdough and Paint Kit



The Eco Playdough Powder and Paint kit combines playdough, paint and bioglitter for months of sensory play. It is gluten-free, plastic-free, and 99.8% home compostable. Children can enjoy creating their own playdough, mixing colours and painting, providing a box full of childhood memories.

Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Made from a blend of flours, gums and colours are derived from plants, vegetables, roots, seeds and flowers. Contains Bioglitter.
Eco Art and Craft’s Eco Playdough Powder and Paint kit is made using renewable plant sources and is free from synthetic colours and gluten. The products are home compostable and waterway safe, and the company only works with ethical overseas manufacturers who do not use child or female labour. Additionally, the company employs under-employed parents with young children and offers flexible working arrangements to accommodate their families. Furthermore they prioritise buying locally made and grown products and are part of the Australia Made Campaign.
Eco Art and Craft prioritises sustainability in their business practices, including monitoring energy consumption, growing their own botanicals, using recycled stormwater in manufacturing, and compostable postal packaging. They have also shifted away from pre-made playdough and liquid paint in plastic tubes to make-at-home alternatives in compostable packaging, saving 110,000 plastic tubes from landfill. Additionally, the company plans to introduce a QR code system in 2023 to assist with sustainable disposal of products and packaging.
Eco Art and Craft sponsors the National Breast Cancer Foundation and is active in its giving to schools, community groups, eco giveaways, and children’s charities. The brand's mission is to help educate families and educators about the plastic waste and synthetic nature of commercial art and craft products, offering two community programs: the Educator Program and the Fundraising Program.

Product reviews from our experts…


This eco playdough and paint kit has been really fun for the whole family! My children have always loved homemade playdough but the addition of these fun colours made it even more appealing! The natural paints were so incredibly vibrant and fun, and what I loved the most was how little stress I felt if my toddler put it anywhere near his mouth! Literally hours of fun to be had with this kit!

I value that this company sources high quality products and that they offer good employment opportunities for people with families. It is great to see a business that grows their own botanicals when possible and also one that is so passionate about supporting educators/schools/groups to choose products that are better for our people and our planet! I also appreciate that the entire kit was packaged with zero waste.

–Zenaya Sol


Creating the experience of making an activity as well as enjoying the finished product provides educational understanding and longevity of the activity. The customisation of the products also aided my toddler feeling a sense of ownership and creativity. I also found that the remaining colours were able to be used in other activities which made it adaptable.

I love how this creates a sustainable and educational solution to a highly popular kids activity, considering the close loop system of where/how it is made and where it ends up. providing a statistic on the amount of plastic diverted makes it a tangible solution to an existing sustainability issue.

–Montana Lower


It was a great, active thing to do with the kids. Knowing it was non-toxic and almost 100% compostable was fantastic.I also love the use of bioglitter. This should be used in every parade!

–Veronica Milsom

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