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Eco Art and Craft – Natural Eco Paints


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

Natural Eco Paints are plant-derived, non-toxic paints that activate with water and contain colours from vegetables, roots, seeds and flowers. They are gluten free, waterway safe, compostable and can be used to colour sensory bases.

Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Made from a blend of flours, gums and colours are derived from plants, vegetables, roots, seeds and flowers.
The Natural Eco Paints kit by Eco Art and Craft is designed to teach children about responsible consumption by only mixing small amounts of paint as needed, and the ingredients are waterway safe for easy disposal. The brand uses only renewable plant sources for their paints and is gluten-free. They source materials from ethical manufacturers in China who do not use child or female labour, have world-class working conditions, and buy locally made and grown products where possible. The brand employs underemployed parents with young children and provides them with flexible working arrangements.
Eco Art and Craft prioritises sustainability in all aspects of its operations. It uses the energy consumption of a two-person home to power both the business and the home, sources its own botanicals for crafting kits, and recycles stormwater and wastewater for circular use. The company's mailing packaging is compostable, and it reuses boxes and upcycled stationery for shipping. Eco Art and Craft has successfully made the shift to using powdered paint in compostable cardboard tubes, which has prevented 80,000 plastic tubes from ending up in landfill. The company is continually learning and refining its sustainability practices, and plans to introduce a QR code system to assist customers with sustainable product and packaging disposal.
Eco Art and Craft sponsor’s the National Breast Cancer Foundation and they are actively involved in supporting schools, community groups, eco giveaways, and children's charities such as the Salvation Army and Backpacks 4 Kids. The founder is committed to educating families and educators about the negative impact of plastic waste and synthetic materials in commercial art and craft products. To address this, they have rolled out two community programs: an Educator Program that offers a 30% discount to encourage the use of sustainable and natural products, and a Fundraising Program that helps community groups become more sustainable by offering a 20% or 30% return when using Eco Art and Craft products.

Product reviews from our experts…


These paints are amazing and I love everything about them! They are beautiful and vibrant while being totally non-toxic and plant based. A little goes a long way – you don’t need to use much but you still get so much colour from using a small amount of powder! They are so versatile – I love that not only can they be mixed with water to make paint, but we have also used them to dye playdough, to mix into bicarb soda and vinegar for a colourful fizzy experiment and for pretty much any other colourful activity you can think of. Love these and couldn’t speak more highly of them!

Literally every part of this brand’s thoughtfulness towards sustainability and ethical manufacturing impresses me. They have been conscious at every stage of their production process and are also extremely socially responsible. Congratulations on making such an amazing product in such a sustainable and ethical way!

–Emma Meyer


The Eco Art and Craft Natural Eco Paint powders created some surprisingly vibrant colours when mixed with water. I loved that there were wooden spoons, stirrers and glass jars provided so that you could easily mix the paint without having to look for any more materials. A great way to get creative with natural products!

It was also great to see the product sent in a repurposed cardboard box! I love that the paint powders are packaged in compostable cardboard tubes so that there’s less plastic bottle waste.

–Fiona Morouco


We loved everything about these natural paints! From the packaging, the ingredients, the booklets and summary – Eco Art and Craft have made a gorgeous product for the budding little artists out there!

I also love how all areas of the business and the flow on effect has been thought of – the plant derived paints from seeds, flowers etc, waterway safe to the packaging everything comes in – the mailing packaging is compostable and they reuse boxes and upcycled stationery for shipping! The actual paints come in compostable cardboard tubes so they have prevented 80,000 plastic tubes from ending up in landfill – Big fan!

–Lee Sutherland

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