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Eco By Sonya – Coconut Body Milk


Silver + Editor's Choice
Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes organic avocado oil and aloe vera.
Eco By Sonya is a Certified Organic and toxic-free accredited business that maintains ethical and eco-friendly production at every stage; from warehouse processes to packaging and product storage. Natural, raw ingredients are farmed in a soil-friendly manner and products are tested in an external lab for purity and safety.
Recycled and upcycled materials are used to create product packaging and in some instances, sugar cane and PCR are being introduced. All products are biodegradable and capable of being decomposed, avoiding toxic pollution. Eco By Sonya’s company office and plastic-free warehouse operate solely on renewable energy. In partnership with GreenFleet, Eco By Sonya also plants native biodiverse forests to offset carbon emissions. Eco by Sonya strives to positively protect the natural environment and create products that are reef-friendly and drain-friendly, with no microbeads or toxic chemicals flooding into our oceans.
Founder, Sonya Driver, donates to over 20 charities and foundations around the world every month. Some of the community projects close to Sonya’s heart include; The Miracle Made Foundation (a not-for-profit the business launched to support the homeless and create domestic violence sanctuaries) and Miracle School (a business in India that employs women from the slums of New Delhi and offers them good working conditions and opportunities).

What our experts say...

Silky and smooth product. Light on the skin, easy to use packaging. It is very clear that Sonya has strong values and ethics and is always looking to do more. The contribution and inspiration the company provides to smaller new businesses that it is possible to be bigger and do the right thing is great.

– Rebecca Sullivan

I love that this is a light formula but is super hydrating! It absorbs really nicely into the skin and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. It also has a nice subtle coconut scent which isn’t overpowering. Not only are they giving back to so many amazing charities and organisations, but every single touch point of this brand has been carefully considered to reduce waste and increase sustainability to protect the planet. They tick all my boxes when I am looking for local brands to support and recommend to my social community.

– Marisa Robinson

This is a go-to moisturiser for daily use. I love how it feels on my usually very sensitive skin that is easily irritated. It absorbed straight away and improved how my skin felt in only a day of use. It has a lovely light coconut smell and luxurious feel. I really appreciate the ingredient list and the inclusion of how each one is derived. I find that Eco by Sonya’s social responsibility to people and planet to be clear, transparent and ethical which is so important with brands.

– Corrine Sultana

I love that this is gentle and organic and I can use it on the whole family (and it comes in a large enough bottle that I really can!) It’s been used on cracked skin, eczema, dry patches and bodies of both children and adults. Ultra hydrating, well absorbed, non-sticky and with a creamy neutral scent. Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

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