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Eco By Sonya Driver – Coconut Mint Body Wash



This product is a nourishing body wash that is suitable for all skin types. Infused with Mint, Coconut and Aloe Vera, it offers hydration and a delightful fragrance. Its unique blend provides a deep cleansing experience, leaving the skin refreshed and moisturised.

Formulated with excellent clean, organic ingredients including organic aloe, peppermint and coconut oils.
Eco By Sonya Driver is committed to creating ethical and sustainable products that are free from toxic chemicals, GMOs, and parabens. The brand is certified by the Organic Food Chain Australia and is Accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia. Their products are biodegradable and vegan, with no animal products or by-products and have never been tested on animals. They work with organic chemists to create products with the purest organic ingredients and educate their followers to check ingredients and do their research when buying beauty products. Eco By Sonya Driver’s products are inclusive, loved by people of all ages and races and made with certified ethical and sustainable practices.
The brand prioritises sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of its products. Their packaging is made from recycled materials and is currently 100% recyclable, with over 70% post-consumer recycled materials. The brand aims to achieve carbon neutrality and partners with GreenFleet to plant native forests to offset carbon emissions. They operate solely on renewable energy and have a commitment to being a plastic-free warehouse. Eco Tan's products are reef and drain friendly, with no toxic chemicals or microbeads. They also partner with their packaging supplier in a sustainable forest initiative to offset the carbon footprint of their tubes and provide a sanctuary for native Australian animals.
Eco By Sonya regularly donates and contributes to over 20 charities and foundations worldwide and is involved in community projects such as helping the homeless and financing a safe farm in Kenya for abused children. In 2020, Eco Tan launched its not-for-profit The Miracle Made Foundation, which creates jobs and opportunities globally and locally. The brand also has specific products, such as a hand and nail cream and organic face cloths, whose profits go directly to the foundation for vulnerable communities. Additionally, Miracle Made created a sustainable, ethical workplace in New Delhi to provide jobs for those considered unemployable.

Product reviews from our experts…


Good morning, minty fresh feels! I was waking up to use this body wash with its clean feel vibes. Leaves skin soft and cleansed. Aloe and coconut bring in the moisture as it washes over your body for a lovely awakening for you and your senses. Particularly good for looking after a faux tan too. My skin was visibly smoother after showering with this little wonder.

I love the focus on philanthropy in Sonya’s mission. Her company donates and contributes to over 20 charities and foundations worldwide so you can really see how you can give back while investing in your skincare rituals that do good,

–Amy Hughes


The peppermint in this wash makes my skin sing! It wakes me up in the morning and it lathers up well, without leaving a lingering smell on my body. I like the bigger size of this body wash as it feels like it will take longer to get through and so I’ll use less packaging.

I love that these products are biodegradable – they should be used by campers, anyone near rivers and the ocean immediately! I also really like the commitment to being carbon neutral and the commitment to recyclable packaging.

–Lucy Cousins


A fresh and delicate minty scent. It’s a little luxury. I also love that it’s certified organic and certified with Safe cosmetics, proving their commitment to sustainable, natural, ethical beauty.

–Sarah Berry

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