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Eco by Sonya – Lemongrass Natural Deodorant


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes lemongrass, lime and lemon myrtle essential oils.
Eco By Sonya is a Certified Organic and toxic-free accredited business that maintains ethical and eco-friendly production at every stage; from warehouse processes to packaging and product storage. Natural, raw ingredients are farmed in a soil-friendly manner and products are tested in an external lab for purity and safety.
Recycled and upcycled materials are used to create product packaging and in some instances, sugar cane and PCR are being introduced. All products are biodegradable and capable of being decomposed, avoiding toxic pollution. Eco By Sonya’s company office and plastic-free warehouse operate solely on renewable energy. In partnership with GreenFleet, Eco By Sonya also plants native biodiverse forests to offset carbon emissions.
Founder, Sonya Driver, donates to over 20 charities and foundations around the world every month. Some of the community projects close to Sonya’s heart include; The Miracle Made Foundation (a not-for-profit the business launched to support the homeless and create domestic violence sanctuaries) and Miracle School (a business in India that employs women from the slums of New Delhi and offers them good working conditions and opportunities).

What our experts say...


Eco by Sonya’s Lemongrass deodorant is an excellent example of a good quality natural product. It comes in an easy to use twist container, has a lovely subtle smell and glides on easily. It is well manufactured, being compact and hard wearing during application. It works effectively and appeals to a wide user group. I really enjoyed using this product. Eco by Sonya has a well established commitment to natural brands and taking their customers on the same journey. They embrace careful planning in the life cycle of the product and caring for people in every aspect!

–Corrine Sultana


Many natural deodorants are too firm to use at room temperature, but this one is both spreadable/applicable and easy to twist up in the tube. It was also nice to have a tube applicator so that I didn’t end up with deodorant paste on my fingers that I had to wipe off after putting in on my armpits. The smell is really pleasant and citrusy and the deodorant withstood a pilates workout and then a day full of errands without letting the pong through. Can’t ask for much more than that! They seem to embody their ethics at every level of their business. It’s also really amazing that they’ve started their own charitable foundation. Last, so many natural deodorants come in plastic, and at first I thought this one did too, until I read their Social Responsibility statement that it’s actually made from sugar cane pulp! The level of detail that they go into around their social responsibility and sustainability efforts is really welcome and shows just how baked into the business they are.

–Jessica Teas


I am obsessed with the packaging of this deodorant. Finally a natural, organic deodorant that doesn’t disintegrate due to the packaging. I love the twist method and the gold and white minimalist aesthetic. I also love how smoothly and not sticky/clumpy this product applies! And it works! I love how committed this company is to using cruelty free, organic and recyclable materials. The packaging is recyclable and innovative. I also really appreciate the huge work they do with charities and organisations helping so many people!

–Stephanie Kurlow

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