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Eco by Sonya – Serum of Clear


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes 10% lactic acid, salicylic acid and licorice root.
Eco By Sonya is a Certified Organic and toxic-free accredited business that maintains ethical and eco-friendly production at every stage; from warehouse processes to packaging and product storage. Natural, raw ingredients are farmed in a soil-friendly manner and products are tested in an external lab for purity and safety.
Recycled and upcycled materials are used to create product packaging and in some instances, sugar cane and PCR are being introduced. All products are biodegradable and capable of being decomposed, avoiding toxic pollution. Eco By Sonya’s company office and plastic-free warehouse operate solely on renewable energy. In partnership with GreenFleet, Eco By Sonya also plants native biodiverse forests to offset carbon emissions.
Founder, Sonya Driver, donates to over 20 charities and foundations around the world every month. Some of the community projects close to Sonya’s heart include; The Miracle Made Foundation (a not-for-profit the business launched to support the homeless and create domestic violence sanctuaries) and Miracle School (a business in India that employs women from the slums of New Delhi and offers them good working conditions and opportunities).

What our experts say...


This serum is fantastic, it instantly improves congestion in the skin. The ingredients and formula of this product are truly effective! This is a must for oily, congested and acne skin. I love this brands dedication to sustainablity, plant based and non-toxic ingredients that are effective without comprimising on quality or using animal testing.

–Shahrzad Kahrobai


The product’s packaging feels premium – a welcome offering in the clean beauty space! Eco by Sonya’s Organic Food Chain Australia certification is excitingly unique. It’s refreshing to see Australian beauty businesses, particularly established brands like Eco by Sonya, pushing the envelope when it comes to the use of organic ingredients. I also love that the business is conscious of the presence of micro plastics in our oceans – an issue of considerable concern to me.

–Hannah Gay


This apple green coloured serum comes in a gorgeous gold and emerald glass bottle. Packed with active ingredients, the fruity fragranced gel really refines the skin and leaves you feeling instantly firmer and more even toned. I particularly love the addition of Salicylic Acid to support a deep cleanse of the pores and prevent further congestion. Eco by Sonya consistently considers both animal welfare and the environment and are a perfect example of an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible skincare brand. The charitable and community focused contribution of this brand is utterly inspiring!

–Dominique Scott

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