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Eco Cleaning Turtles – Degreaser Eco Cleaning Tablet + Reusable Spray Bottle



Clean your reusable bottle effortlessly with the degreaser cleaning tablet. Designed with effervescent technology, it swiftly eliminates odours and cuts through grease and oil. Plus, it’s 94.4% biodegradable for an eco-friendly option.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients.
Eco Cleaning Turtles partners with ISO-accredited or similarly certified manufacturers that use modern technology to reduce the environmental and social impact of its products. The brand chooses ingredients based on international standards for natural detergents and carefully examines the downstream environmental impacts. The dissolvable cleaner range is made in Spain using local, highest possible standard ingredients and is currently the only EcoCert certified range of dissolvable cleaners available in Australia. The products are made from natural, biodegradable ingredients and are equally as effective as chemical-based cleaners.
Urban Ethos has been EcoCert certified and uses only recycled materials and non-toxic inks and dyes for their packaging. Their dissolvable cleaning tablets also have a significantly reduced carbon footprint as they eliminate the need to transport heavy liquids. Urban Ethos is a founding member of Sustainable Choice, a public database where brands share their sustainability actions and impact for conscious consumers to make informed choices.
Urban Ethos is a brand that offers a range of dissolvable cleaners using non-toxic, biodegradable materials and recycled packaging. The products are manufactured to the highest standards to reduce environmental impact. The brand partners with I=Change to donate $1 of each sale towards three planet-saving projects, demonstrating their commitment to supporting charities that protect and nurture the planet. Eco Cleaning Turtles endorse Urban Ethos's social responsibility efforts.

Product reviews from our experts…


I was actually really surprised by this. It works very, very well and is a good cleaner; I have two toddlers and am forever cleaning – this deals with all mess and stains I’ve come across. I would actively go and buy Eco Cleaning Turtles when I run out. It’s also much easier to use than some other refill options where they have to be left for a long time. The bottle is a very good bottle. I always ask myself with cleaners if I’d use it again and I would.

Good information on the supply chain and contributions to charity via i=change. Great that the product is ECOCert.

–Julie Mathers


This product works great for cleaning. I love that the replacement tablets are available at even my green grocer and reduce so much wastage in fresh plastic bottles and transporting mostly water! Also, reducing harsh cleaning chemicals.

–Amanda Jason


Eco Cleaning Turtles is very effective at cutting through grease in the kitchen. It was very effective on my stovetop and glass splashback.
I love how the dissolvable tablets remove the need for transportation of liquid cleaners (and subsequent emissions).

–Laura Trotta

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