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Eco Green Spirit – Natural Chest Vapour Rub


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon and tea tree oils.
Eco Green Spirit ethically sources beeswax and honey from its Eco Farm Apiary in South Gippsland, Australia. Butters and oils used in products are also made cruelty-free in Australia.
The Natural Chest Vapour Rub is packed in a reusable and/or recyclable round tin, which can also be sent back for a refill. No plastic is used in postal packaging, which is recycled by the brand.
Eco Green Spirit often undertakes beach clean-ups along the local coastlines. They also teach kids classes about beekeeping and started a junior eco-warriors group with local students to teach sustainable practices.

What our experts say...

I really liked how natural and subtle the peppermint scent was, while still providing relief. It felt really nice and easy to blend onto my skin and warmed quickly on my fingers. It leaves your skin with a very soft tingle and scent, perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather. I also like that the packaging is reusable. I love that this brand sources their ingredients ethically in Australia and supports bee farms. I think it’s amazing that they engage with the community, especially young kids to educate them as our next future generation.

–Stephanie Kurlow

This natural chest vapour could not have come at a more perfect time – the week that it arrived two of my four children had sniffly noses. I have always avoided purchasing generic chest rubs because of the harmful ingredients. The peppermint and eucalyptus oil smelt divine! and I absolutely love that the beeswax is from their own eco farm. Overall, I will be recommending this to my mum friends to try! 

–Petria Leggo-Field

Fantastic natural alternative for a chest rub. Rubs in beautifully and absorbs into your skin well. I found the combination of oils to be an immune lifter and cold fighter staying on your skin to continue to support you for hours.

– Corrine Sultana

This product is exactly what I want to rub on my little ones chests when they have a cold. With carefully selected oils which promote the easing of congestion and opening of airways and sinuses, this beautiful chest rub is powerful but also gentle and without the addition of eye-watering camphor. I also love the stainless steel container and that it can be sent back for refill. A must-have for the winter months!

–Emily Fletcher

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