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Eco Mates – Laundry Bar Stain Remover


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients.
Eco Mates’s products are manufactured in Australia - to support local business, ensure high production standards and ethical labour practices. The brand also uses Australian grown, non-toxic (some organic), ingredients wherever possible.
Eco Mates runs an environmentally friendly home-based office and selects food grade and/or organic ingredients to minimise soil and flora and fauna impact. The brand also encourages their suppliers to minimise waste and plastic packaging, which in turn reduces Eco Mates waste. Alternatively, they repurpose or re-use supplier packaging to give a longer life to all aspects of the entire supply chain.
Eco Mates supports The Australian Koala Foundation, with a percentage of profits being donated quarterly.

What our experts say...


Eco Mates Laundry bar is super easy to use and very effective. I liked its simple and powerful mix of ingredients and that it is fragrance free. It works well on stains with some water and a good rub. A good sized bar to last you a long time too. Eco Mates are conscious with their ingredients, decrease their environmental footprint and support local fauna which is all very important and I thoroughly support.

–Corrine Sultana


This is a handy stain remover bar that helps lift stubborn stains whilst being gentle on our environment. One bar goes a really long way, which is economical and super handy in a house where kids are always getting into messy adventures. I usually avoid stain removers due to my son’s eczema but this one has so few, carefully selected ingredients and did not create any flare ups. I love that this stain remover bar is handmade with certified organic ingredients, sourced with consideration for their impact on the land, as well as their proximity to where they are produced in order to ensure that carbon miles are reduced. Everything from the product, to its manufacturing, and its packaging has been carefully and lovingly considered.

–Niccii Kugler


This product was easy to use and I enjoyed that I only needed to use a minimal amount of the bar to remove stains effectively. I tested this product on stained tea towels and was happy to see my oil marks were removed. I resonated with Eco Mates’ use of certified organic ingredients and that they hand make all products locally. This follows the purchasing values that I strive to follow as highest priority for my home.

–Renee Carpenter

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