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Eco Mates – Scrub Me Polish Me (marble paste)


Made from excellent non-toxic ingredients, it includes lemon myrtle essential oil.
Eco Mates’s products are manufactured in Australia - to support local business, ensure high production standards and ethical labour practices. The brand also uses Australian grown, non-toxic (some organic), ingredients wherever possible.
Eco Mates runs an environmentally friendly home-based office and selects food grade and/or organic ingredients to minimise soil and flora and fauna impact. The brand also encourages their suppliers to minimise waste and plastic packaging, which in turn reduces Eco Mates waste. Alternatively, they repurpose or re-use supplier packaging to give a longer life to all aspects of the entire supply chain.
Eco Mates supports The Australian Koala Foundation, with a percentage of profits being donated quarterly.

What our experts say...


This versatile cleaning product is wonderful at removing tough grime from stove tops, bathroom tiles and kitchen surfaces. I love the zero waste bamboo tub. I appreciate that this product is handmade and that organic ingredients have been used.

–Emma Freeman


Is there anything this scrub can’t conquer! I took this scrub to task on my grout, oven, kids table top and other surfaces, to put it to the test. Works fantastic every time. Combines cleaning and scrubbing power in a paste form that leaves no nasty residue. I found it to be a very welcome member of the household cleaning routine. Locally sourced ingredients, low impact packaging and postage.

–Corrine Sultana


I seriously loved this product so much, I couldn’t believe how easily it cleaned my surfaces. With 4 young kids, this is almost an hourly occasion. I love the fact that it really works, and I know that I am not polluting my home environment with harmful chemicals. I have a core value of honesty and I believe that Eco Mates does also. They have created a beautiful business with some really solid foundations.

–Petria Leggo-Field

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