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Eco Mates – Scrub Me Polish Me (marble paste)


Gold + Editor's Choice
Made from excellent non-toxic ingredients, including lemon myrtle essential oil.
Eco Mates’s products are manufactured in Australia - to support local business, ensure high production standards and ethical labour practices. The brand also uses Australian grown, non-toxic (some organic), ingredients wherever possible.
Eco Mates runs an environmentally friendly home-based office and selects food grade and/or organic ingredients to minimise soil and flora and fauna impact. The brand also encourages their suppliers to minimise waste and plastic packaging, which in turn reduces Eco Mates waste. Alternatively, they repurpose or re-use supplier packaging to give a longer life to all aspects of the entire supply chain.
Eco Mates donates to charitable foundations, currently choosing to donate their funds to The Koala Foundation.

What our experts say...

When it comes to cleaning products, I often prefer to make my own to keep it as zero waste as possible. That said – there are some products that are very hard to DIY and the end result requires elbow grease that would make Popeye shy away. This is why I am IN LOVE with this product. I managed to clean my very dirty oven in a very short amount of time and without having to don a gas mask. Other touch surfaces came up shining, quickly, without all the nasty harsh chemicals that you find in conventional products. I used it in my bathrooms, microwave, hob, oven, fridge and even brightened up some very grubby white goods from the shed. Really love this product.

I feel like all the “eco” boxes are ticked here. I love their commitment to choosing local and natural ingredients. It also was beautifully presented and (even though cleaning products aren’t necessarily “fun”) I would give this as a gift due to its aesthetic and usefulness. I like that they have chosen a local inspiration and species to dedicate their donations to.

Emily Ehlers

I like that the paste is nice and thick. I found it really easy to use when mixed with a bit of water for scrubbing my shower and it removed dirt and grime easily and did not leave a residue once rinsed off. It smells really lovely too.

I love that they are a small business and I found it heartwarming to hear of the story of the koala making an impact on their family and so they choose to donate to the Koala foundation (my kids would love this, they are obsessed with koalas!)

Shannon Welch

My bathroom has never looked cleaner thanks to this incredible paste. Mould is my nemesis and there are a few places in my bathroom and behind my kitchen sink where it is a constant fight. Normally I am scrubbing away to get grout clean and with this paste, I almost just wipe it and it’s gone. It’s also worked wonders on the tarnishing metal of our shower screen and taps. Using such an effective product is a joy. Highly recommended.

Emily Fletcher

Thrilled with the performance of this product. It is a power house cleaner and worked wonders on a range of surfaces I used it on. Cleaned my oven, bathroom grout, baked on oil on baking dishes, kids paint off our white table and even texta off our retaining wall with ease. The use of a scrubbing brush really brings the effectiveness of this product out. It worked so well that I am constantly trying to think of new things to try it on. Eco Mates is an Australian made, small business – the type I love to support!

Corrine Sultana

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