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Eco Ocean Hair – Eco Hair Ties 30x Pack w/ Reusable Tin


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Upcycled bicycle inner tubes, coconut oil and eucalyptus.
Eco Ocean Hair ties are repurposing waste, bicycle inner tubes are estimated to contribute to landfill at the rate of one rhino per day in Australia. Similarly hair ties are on average being lost in the quantity of one bus load daily. Eco Ocean only uses natural ingredients to treat their hair ties. Their manufacturing is run through CNS Assembly, an NDIS supported workplace in Sydney, Australia. Furthermore they are certified Australian Made and Owned.
Inner tubes are collected by Eco Ocean through an 'Inner tube recovery programme'. There is zero plastic used in their packaging as it is housed in an endlessly recyclable aluminium tin. Customers have life-time access to an innovative take back programme, their product once broken can be remade once again into another meaningful product using a circular economy model. Packages are sent using Hero Packaging, a sustainable mailer that can be composted and furthermore they offer future neutral at checkout to offset postage.
Eco Ocean have partnered with Surfers for Climate to help them to continue to create and lead initiatives to protect our oceans. CNS Assembly is their chosen manufacturer supporting an NDIS workplace. Their fabric hair ties are made by the hands at Assembled Threads, a CALD community. Furthermore their printing is proudly done by Sustainable Printing in Melbourne, using plant based inks and recycled paper with zero plastic.

What our experts say...


I love the concept and how they are diverting waste from landfill by repurposing bike inner tubes into a useful product and saving additional waste from that product in the process. Also, using an NDIS workforce and providing employment to a disadvantaged group. Thank you. Australian made to provide local employment and reduce emissions from transport in supply chains.

–Laura Trotta


A thoughtful and innovative approach to reducing landfill by repurposing a resource that has a short life span. Eco hair ties are strong, durable and have many uses. Especially great for the beach. A clever approach to a waste issue in Australia. A strong focus on landfill and climate action.

–Corrine Sultana


I like it’s very considerate of the environment and is recycling tyres already out there. It also comes in a handy tin which is great to help prevent losing hair ties. I love these are Australian made and supporting an NDIS workplace – that is great. They are considerate in every aspect of what they’re doing.

–Julie Mathers

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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