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Eco seed to skin by Saarinen organics – Scrub cleanser – face


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic organic ingredients. Includes permaculture grown, Certified organic herbs of elder flowers, chamomile, dandelion leaves.
They grow Certified organic herbs on a Permaculture farm using regenerative farming practices, building carbon credits into the soil. They use a circular inhouse fertilizing program from ponies, sheep, ducks & chook and have no dig methods. They seasonally plant and source local ingredients from farmers. They manufacture on farm in a solar passive lab in the mountains of south coast NSW. The rain water used in their skin care is caught in a stainless steel food grade tank that is filtered through an ioniser to the correct skin PH level. Furthermore their farm and lab are run on a gravity fed, solar powered water system where the water is recycled back into the farming of the herbs through a natural filtration system.
Eco Seed to Skin are the only skin care company to have their packaging returned to us & reused. The returned packaging, glass & aluminium is washed, sterilized and refilled. All their paper used is office waste printing paper and postage is all paper & cardboard from recycled sources. The lab is built from recycled timbers and glass and all detergents are from ethically sourced companies in bulk. With Eco Seed to Skin’s sustainable farming of ingredients, sustainable power, sustainable waste & sustainable water their footprint is very minimal.
Eco Seed to Skin employs local workers in the manufacturing lab as well as in the horticulture side of the business.They have been involved with an Australian training company that places teenage school girls in year 10 into a local business for 6 months, paid work. They also have high school based work experience where teens from all ages come for a 1 week work experience on the farm. Furthermore they donate products to a local wildlife sanctuary Potoroo palace as well as to all their local community not for profits, fire crew, schools, pre-schools. They purchase straight from the local farmers for ingredients - chillies - hydrosols - essential oils - oils - honey & beeswax.

What our experts say...


A gentle exfoliator that doubles as a cleanser, I just love the way the jojoba wax beads feel against my skin. I also love that this is so gentle that it can be used daily, it’s great for 40-something skin like mine. The scent is subtle yet heavenly. I love that it’s been formulated with renerative, permaculture-grown organic herbs, infused with ionised rain water. I am blown away by the efforts of this purpose-led business to build a socially responsible brand from the soil up. Everything they do is with 100% commitment to our environment, our society and the health of their customers. What an inspiration!

–Emma Freeman


Not only is this great as an everyday scrub, the jojoba wax really helps to remove difficult make up – I’ve been using this on a daily basis and my skin hasn’t been feeling congested. Saarinen organics is like the farm to table hospitality concept but the beauty version – farm to face. They really are committed to making and educating people about sustainability.

–Catherine Jia


From the ethereal scent one would normally encounter in a day spa ritual, to the silky, almost milk-like texture of the scrub, this product was a definite favourite upon first use. The beads are delicate but effective for a dry, dehydrated, or sensitive skin type that requires exfoliation with gentleness and care. I also love that the ingredients are certified organic. Besides using sustainable practices through their return & reuse packaging scheme, they really go above and beyond to reduce their footprint. Their immense support of the local community, contributions to the local wildlife sanctuary, and farm tours are all examples of creative and impactful ways of creating a better future!

–Neha Hobson

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