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EcoLinen – Organic cotton tailored pillowcase pair


Gold + Editor's Choice
Made from excellent non-toxic materials. GOTS certified 100% organic cotton.
EcoLinen products are derived from Indian farms and mills, with production occurring in a 'Fair Trade' Registered Sewing Unit. In addition, they are 'Social Compliance' certified meaning safe conditions and fair pay for workers and their families. The brand uses Certified organic dyes, GOTS certified organic cotton (safer for farmers) and a vertical mill, meaning all processes are completed at the one site (rather than several).
GOTS organic production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. It ensures no toxic chemicals leach into water tables, soil and crops and into farmers skin. The use of a vertical mill also reduces the brand’s greenhouse footprint. The brand is starting up the return of sheeting at the end of their life, to send on to textile recyclers. EcoLinen makes labelled self-fabric product bags for easy linen-cupboard storage and uses corn starch mailers for orders.
EcoLinen funds charities including ‘Dreams to Live For’, which supports terminal cancer sufferers needing one final holiday/break from their hospital/medical focus and also Sunrise Cambodia to support the orphans there. The brand's co-founder, Tim, has also spoken at the No Vacancy Expo and Conference regarding sustainability.

What our experts say...

These pillowcases were divine. I was a little freaked out when I saw the size of them but they shrunk down nicely as promised. I found that they were gentler on my hair than a standard synthetic case. My very English mum – who is all about linen – even commented on the quality of the case. That’s an endorsement if ever I heard one. I also found that the neutral colour was really versatile and slotted in nicely with my existing sets.

I am particularly impressed that they offer end-of-life textile recycling. Even though I like to reuse, repurpose and all the R’s in between where I don’t think I would need to use this service, I do know others that don’t have the same processes who would appreciate somewhere to return. This solves a real problem that people have with textiles. The eco credentials are amazing and I love that they are organic and do not use heavy chemicals. Also impressed by the vertical mill and believe this is the way of our sustainable future – less shipping from here to there, more processing all at one site.

– Emily Ehlers

The fabric was really thick and lovely to sleep on. They feel really high quality. I can imagine the sheets in this fabric would be beautiful. I really loved this product. I loved how this business knows and cares about the whole process of their production line, from fair work to the soil. I love how they also donate to charities which they have been personally affected by.

– Shannon Welch

Exquisitely made with double weight material, the fabric is thick, luxurious and crisp. The high quality is evident immediately and makes my bed feel like I’m at a high end resort… (not surprising then to find out that indeed some of the world’s best resorts are now using these sheets exclusively!) EcoLinen is so sure of their sheet set’s durability that they even offer an unheard of 5 year fabric and workmanship guarantee! Amazing!

–Emily Fletcher

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