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Ecoriginals – Eco-Friendly Nappies


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. FSC certified wood pulp is used in this 90% biodegradable nappy.
Ecoriginals prides itself on being an industry leader in ethical sourcing and social responsibility practices. They are a registered member of Sedex, and have a robust certification program to provide peace of mind. Every claim is substantiated, and the nappies are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest of standards to assure confidence in performance and material makeup. This is leveraged through the Think Better Group partnership sustainability program. They are FSC certified to ensure nappy materials are from 100% sustainable sources. This also funnels down from their upstream manufacturers. They visit their manufacturing sites once a year to ensure compliance with agreed standards. Furthermore they have an audit process around how materials are sourced and how they go through production.
Ecoriginals is the world’s first plastic neutral disposable nappy company. They have invested in a fully traceable, carbon neutral shipping program. They are fully committed to designing out plastics entirely and focusing on plant-based materials. The materials currently used in Ecoriginals nappies include FSC certified wood pulp, unbleached USA cotton, corn starch and super absorbent polymers, which are a great compost additive. To offset unavoidable plastic, they have partnered with Plastic Bank, which contributes towards essential waste management systems in the areas most affected by plastic pollution. Every purchase from Ecoriginals helps to prevent single-use plastic bottles from entering the ocean. Their nappies are Certified Plastic Neutral with Plastic Bank. Ecoriginals is contributing towards closing the loop on single-use plastic and supporting the worldwide shift towards a circular economy.
Ecoriginals’ partnership with Plastic Bank contributes towards establishing recycling ecosystems in countries that have high rates of pollution and poverty, and insufficient disposal infrastructure. Plastic Bank employs local citizens from these regions to manage the recycling ecosystems, including management and collection of materials. Every purchase with Ecoriginals contributes towards a vulnerable person or family’s stable, livable income in these polluted and impoverished areas. Furthermore they have also committed to giving back to the earth through their partnership with Ecologi. In the last 24 months, Ecoriginals have planted 162,444 trees and contributed 1,917.36 tonnes of carbon reduction.

What our experts say...


These nappies provide great coverage and absorbency and are easy to fit! The tabs are tough and stick securely when closed, making them easy to use. I love that I can use these nappies overnight without worrying about a leak! They feel dry even when full, meaning that I don’t worry about bubs skin getting irritated! As a cloth nappy mum I am always conscious of reducing waste and when it comes to using disposable nappies (for travel etc), I want to use a product that is as low waste as possible. I love that ecoriginals are the cleanest possible products, made with renewable energy and using as little plastic as possible. I also like that they actively make our world a cleaner place through participation in the Plastic Bank program.

–Emma Meyer


These nappies are 90% biodegradable which for a disposable nappy is great. I love that they have a partnership with Plastic Bank.

–Rebecca Sullivan


I’m a big Ecoriginals fan and I think it is so impressive that these nappies are 90% biodegradable! I also really appreciate that they have brown paper packaging. The nappy pants were soft, fitted my son perfectly and he found them really comfy to sleep in.

–Emily Fletcher

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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