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Edible Earth – GLOW Anti-aging Elixir



GLOW Anti-aging Elixir is Australia’s 1st ingestible marine collagen and hyaluronic acid formula, launched to market in 2018, and WA’s 1st and ONLY marine collagen co. A bio-active, clinically proven, topical and ingestible anti-aging blend enriched with silica, B3 and antioxidants, GLOW is loved by over 17,000 Australian women needing an intensive solution for age related concerns; such as dry, dull, dehydrated skin, and a natural way to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, sagging and pigmentation.

Made from excellent clean ingredients including premium hydrolysed marine collagen peptides and vitamin c.
Edible Earth sources its ingredients from countries such as Australia, USA, France, and China, ensuring adherence to ethical practices, fair trade laws and non-toxic manufacturing processes. The brand does not use any additives, preservatives, GMOs, meat, gluten, dairy, or sugar and instead uses wholefood ingredients whenever possible to prevent the use of synthetic chemicals. Edible Earth invests in ingredients that provide essential nutrients that are bio-active and improves accessibility to wholefood premium supplements, reducing profit margins to offer value for money. It only invests in ingredients that have been peer-reviewed and used as ancient medicines for thousands of years.
Edible Earth is committed to sustainable sourcing of ingredients, using waste by-products and promoting naturally, organically or regeneratively farmed ingredients. The brand's packaging and boxes are 100% recyclable and/or compostable and they do not use single serve sachets to reduce plastic waste. Edible Earth is seeking B-corp certification and to become carbon neutral in the next 12 months. They plan to be Australia's first marine collagen supplier using sustainably caught fish skin and scales. Edible Earth is also launching new packaging in the next few months, moving to cardboard cylinders.
Edible Earth believes in healing the world by improving people's health and happiness through education and nutrition. They have supported various organisations such as the Charlie Teo Brain Cancer Foundation, Greenpeace and St Vinnies. They are setting up a Not-For-Profit that teaches children without fathers about surfing, footy and nutrition. The brand has supported Westcare, who provide equal employment opportunities to individuals living with a permanent disability. They advocate for vulnerable people in navigating the medical system and are actively involved in exposing corruption. All manufacturing, packaging, and fulfillment is kept in Australia to support the Australian economy and its workforce.

Product reviews from our experts…


Who wouldn’t want to include a Beauty Elixir into their daily routine, especially when it is completely unflavoured so has the potential to be added to just about anything. I loved stirring the fine white anti-aging powder into my morning tea and loved my resulting stronger nails even more!

I am so impressed by Edible Earth’s dedication to only using ingredients that have been peer-reviewed and have been considered ancient medicines for thousands of years. It is also commendable that the brand is seeking B-corp certification and to become carbon neutral in the next 12 months.

–Dominique Scott


This hydrolysed marine collagen dissolves into liquid and has no flavour, making it an easy addition to water, juice and smoothies. Love the added ingredient of vitamin C to help boost collagen production. Fascinated by the fact that it can double as a face mask – I need to give it a go!

I’m also impressed by this company’s commitment to sourcing sustainable marine collagen as well as their huge commitment to giving back to society.

–Emma Freeman


The packaging is so pretty, but I also love the ingredients of this one! With added minerals and hyaluronic acid, B and Diatomaceous Earth!!! A powerhouse for the skin (kinda cute it can be used as a facemask too!)

It is also good to know that the ingredients are sustainably sourced. Recyclable packaging is good to know – big tick that they are moving to cardboard cylinders!

–Fiona Noonan

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