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Eenee – Hybrid Nappy System



The Eenee hybrid nappy system offers parents a comfortable, convenient, economical and eco-conscious choice. It features breathable stretch cotton pants that can be paired with either the super absorbent Eenee pouch cloth inserts or the compostable disposable uPad inserts.

Nappy is made from OKEO TEX Standard 100 certified materials. Outer: cotton/elastane, waistband: nylon/elastane, inner: polyester/elastane/PU coating, Velcro type fasteners
Eenee ensures that all of their manufacturing partners follow ethical and fair labour practices with no child labour and fair wages. They also prioritise integrity, respect, and accountability, especially towards vulnerable communities such as new parents, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Eenee is also NDIS registered to reduce bureaucratic burdens for their customers. The brand values and prioritises mental health and work-life balance for their staff, creating a healthy and supportive work environment. They embrace digital tools to allow their staff to work remotely and with greater flexibility.
Eenee is committed to promoting sustainable practices and reducing the environmental impact of nappies. They use sustainable hydroelectricity, have a zero-waste office and support remote working and walking to work. Their cloth nappies are designed for environmental consciousness with superabsorbent materials, easy washability, quick drying in the sun and they offer a reusable/economical option. They also provide compostable nappies and a laundry bag to filter out microfibers in the wash to protect oceans. Eenee believes in taking small steps towards sustainability and is constantly striving to do better.
Eenee Nappies offers an eco-friendly solution for families using cloth nappies. They aim to empower parents and the broader community to make informed decisions about sustainable nappy options and raise awareness about endangered wildlife through their unique Koala print. Eenee Nappies is also expanding their sustainable nappy mission to other parts of the world, such as Indonesia, where 'plastic' disposable nappy waste is a significant problem in oceans. They use the Ecosia search engine, which helps to plant trees with every internet search.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love the idea of these hybrid nappy pants – I think the concept of a system that can be adapted to suit your needs is a fantastic one!

This brand has thought so carefully about their ethical choices and sustainable options. I love that they have thought to register themselves as NDIS providers as it shows a commitment to understanding the parents and children that use their products and supporting them however they can. I also love all the sustainable choices they have made around their workplace (hydroelectricity etc).

–Emma Meyer


I think I’ve found my new favourite nappy! This has to be the easiest cloth nappy I’ve ever used and it is very absorbent. The Velcro is a great way to speed up changes and the nappy fits perfectly.

I am so impressed by how they prioritise their workers and their well-being – sounds like a fabulous company to work for! It’s also great to hear how they help vulnerable people.

–Claire Karlson


I really like how soft and comfortable the cloth inserts are for the little ones. This is such a great design for the inserts – I’ve not seen inserts like this before and they are really great! I feel that the shape of these inserts is great at preventing leaks and like that it came with two inserts.

I also like that they are following ethical and fair labour practices and that the nappies are made from OEKO TEX standard 100 certified materials.

–Crystal Love

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