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EK Sunscreen – Kawakawa + Tamanu Family Sunscreen SPF50


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients including rosehip and jojoba oils, shea butter and manuka honey. Contains zinc oxide. SPF 50+
EK Sunscreen is Natrue certified and won the award for Best Ethical Product at the Global Green Beauty Awards 2020. Their product ingredients are certified 100% natural or nature-identical, cruelty-free, non-GMO, wildcrafted or organic.
EK Sunscreen are passionate about eradicating poisonous sunscreens from our bodies, our waterways and our coral reefs.T hey have partnered with Pacific Island locals, businesses, wisdom keepers and coral reseeding projects to educate, learn and regenerate our reefs. EK Sunscreen also wildcraft their native New Zealand forest medicine with sustainable practices, utilising the aerial parts to grow plants, not chop them down.
EK Sunscreen is an official sponsor of Waterborne America's Cup Festival and is currently initiating partnerships with Sea Legacy, Blue Sphere Foundation and Ocean Impact. EK Sunscreen runs a youth leadership program in the Pacific Islands and also donates sunscreen products to local surf clubs, schools, beach days and fishing competitions.

What our experts say...

It is impossible to know where to start when talking about what I liked most about this product! The formula is incredible to apply, is non-greasy, leaves your skin feeling as though it has just been moisturised and protects beautifully. But that is just the beginning. The dedication by EK in formulating a product organically, naturally, and with respect and commitment to preserving the health of people and our fragile ecosystems, is worthy of applause. I was really impressed with the approach that EK have taken towards formulating this standout product.

– Niccii Kugler

I loved that this sunscreen went on my face and didn’t even feel like I was wearing any and my pores didn’t feel blocked. I put this on our family for a whole weekend, it smells good and I know we are protected from the sun. Ticks every box of mine when it comes to being a conscious product and business. I especially love that their bottles are now made of sugarcane packaging. Well done Earth’s Kitchen!

– Petria Leggo-Field

This was a favourite from last year! There’s something so refreshing about jumping into the ocean knowing you are wearing a super-protective (SPF 50) sunscreen that not only protects you, but the ocean you are diving into! This brand does wonderful things to help protect our dying reefs as well as native forests in NZ. Meanwhile, their sunscreen is 100% reef safe and a far better alternative to the conventional sunscreens that are wreaking havoc in our oceans. At SPF 50, the sunscreen is thick, but thanks to the added essential oils and beeswax, it disperses easily and is not at all drying for your skin (or palms!) A beautiful scent too.

– Emma Freeman

This is one of the least visible sunscreens I have applied despite feeling quite concentrated coming out of the tube. Smelling divine, this is easy to apply and packed with skin nourishing ingredients. I love how Earth’s Kitchen is so active in their efforts to raise awareness about protecting our reefs.

– Emily Fletcher

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