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Elesya Skincare – Fruit Enzyme Gel Cleanser


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes pineapple, white willow and papaya extract.
Elesya Skincare products are manufactured in Australia locally by a family owned lab who respects their workers. All bottles and mailing boxes are purchased through local packaging companies. The brand is doing all that they can, investing more money to support local small businesses whenever possible including in the production of merchandise.
Product bottles and mailing boxes are recyclable, as are all cards/ brochures. Acid-free eco friendly tissue paper and recyclable brown kraft paper as well as recyclable tape is used. As the company grows they aim to change to embrace Sustainability more by using less traditional stickers.
Elesya Skincare has recently introduced that $1 from every purchase will be donated to a charity. This will be completed every 3 months. Furthermore they recently introduced the Elesya Rewards program to give back to the community. Products are consistently donated to local charities for raffles, where all the money raised is donated.

What our experts say...


A lovely, refreshing gel cleanser that is well suited to oily/combination skin. It feels great against the skin and does a fantastic job at removing sunscreen, makeup and dirt, all whilst leaving the skin to feel hydrated. I love that there is minimal irritation to the skin’s barrier. I love the use of nontoxic ingredients in the formula and admire that the products are manufactured locally here in Australia.

–Shahrzad Kahrobai


Elesya’s clear, fruit enzyme gel has the most divine orange and lime scent and surprised me with how beautifully it lathered on my skin. The zesty citrus cleanser provides a wonderful deep clean, while still being gentle on the skin. Although Elesya Skincare is a relatively new small business, they make a great effort to support other small local businesses, consider the environment in their operations and give back to the community.

–Dominique Scott


I was immediately impressed by this product for its sleek, stylish packaging. On use, all dirt and makeup is removed, a little goes a long way. As a woman, supporting female-founded and run businesses is an important factor in determining my spending habits. I also love that Elesya is empowering women through their employment channels.

–Hannah Gay

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