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Ella & Maeve – Reusable Cloth Nappy


Nappy made from: Outer Shell: PUL and polyester. Inserts: 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton.
Ella and Maeve partners with a pattern maker in Australia that is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. The brand also works with factories in China who produce OEKO-TEX 100 and GOTS certified raw materials. These factories are carefully selected to be able to provide current internationally recognised certificates regarding the treatment of their workers. Furthermore they are continuously monitoring developments within the Australian textile manufacturing space to hopefully one day move all raw material production to Australia. The products are manufactured in Australia.
The brand has Designed and manufactured a reusable cloth nappy developed specifically for larger babies and toddlers to encourage more parents to try cloth. They only select certified OEKO-TEX 100 materials and GOTS certified organic cotton. Home compostable satchels and home compostable postage labels along with minimal packaging are used. The Ella & Maeve HQ is fitted with solar power, a worm farm and a compost bin to create a zero waste environment. As much as possible, all supplier packaging materials are repurposed and reused.
Nappies are Manufactured in Australia to benefit the families who manufacture our products as well as the Australian economy. The brand also partners with Australian artists and illustrators to provide employment to women who are also Mums and have the ability to work remotely. Furthermore they designed and developed a premature baby sized version of the reusable cloth nappy to accommodate babies from approximately 1.8kg. As a cause close to their hearts, 5% of all proceeds from the sale of premature sized reusable cloth nappies is donated to the Miracle Babies Foundation.

What our experts say...


I really loved the fit of this nappy. I have used cloth nappies for all three of my children and tried many brands. This was snug while still being comfortable and we had no leaks. I was really impressed with the statements and values of this brand. Their commitment to their garment workers treatment and using high quality and low tox materials are things that are really important to me. Reading about Michelle’s journey as a preemie and a preemie Mum and how donations are made to the Miracle Foundation, you can tell this is really a business started from the heart. Absolutely beautiful.

–Courtney Dow


I love the trifold insert and I find this much easier than adding in several inserts and also less bulky. The nappy print is so sweet and I like that they use Australian artists! Being a NICU mum myself, I love that you support Miracle Babies Foundation and have a cloth option available for even the tiniest of babies.

–Claire Karlson


This nappy had such a cute print on the shell. I found the snaps were easy to use, and I LOVE that the weight range goes right up to 23 kgs, giving you amazing value. I didn’t find any leaks at all during overnight use and found that it was super easy to clean with no lingering smells. The liner was soft and absorbent, didn’t leave the skin feeling damp and was easy to wash. I enjoyed that there were not as many snaps as other nappies as it made for quicker changes. I also really love that the nappies are manufactured in Australia and that they they donate to a cause so close to their hearts.

–Samantha Gilmore

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