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Emanui – Portable menstrual cup cleaner & sterilizer



The Emanui menstrual cup cleaner & sterilizer is a compact, lightweight and portable device designed for convenient cleaning on-the-go. It effectively cleans your cup in under a minute using minimal water, without the need for soaps or chemicals.

Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. Medical silicone and polypropylene.
Emanui is a menstruation brand founded by Iga Słowik and Paul Lequay in 2017, with the aim to tackle menstrual poverty and hygiene issues faced by menstruating individuals in both developed and developing countries. The brand designed a solution to hygienically care for menstrual cups in public places, aiming to empower cup users and break cultural and educational barriers surrounding periods. Emanui's focus on menstrual cups is rooted in their safer and more sustainable use in comparison to tampons and pads, particularly for homeless women, who may be in danger of toxic shock syndrome due to emerging addictions or negligence in changing tampons or pads on time. Emanui recognizes that menstruation is a societal issue that transcends gender and requires more awareness and education.
Emanui is a menstrual cup cleaner designed to provide women with a more sustainable alternative to disposable period products. It fits the majority of standard menstrual cups and uses natural gestures, such as rubbing, shaking, and squeezing, to clean the cup without the need for additional chemicals. The dirty water can be poured into the toilet and the cleaner uses less water than regular cleaning methods. The creators plan to adapt it for people without immediate access to water. Emanui is a small step towards limiting plastic waste and has a holistic approach to design, focusing on social innovation to promote social well-being, equality, and inclusiveness.
Designers Iga Słowik and Paul Lequay have created a menstrual cup cleaning, sterilisation and storage device that allows women to replace the cup wherever they are, regardless of the hygienic conditions of the bathroom. With the availability of tampons and sanitary pads becoming an increasingly serious issue around the world, particularly for the estimated 500 million women affected by menstrual poverty, the designers hoped their product could encourage people to replace disposable products with eco-friendly alternatives.

Product reviews from our experts…


I absolutely adore the Emanui menstrual cup cleaner & sterilizer! Its eco-friendly and convenient design makes it a must-have for every earth-conscious woman. The fact that it’s made from safe, non-toxic materials like medical silicone and polypropylene gives me peace of mind and the compact size means I can take it anywhere. It’s like a trusted friend for my menstrual cup! 🌿🌸🌎

I’m truly impressed by Emanui’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability! Their innovative menstrual cup cleaner not only addresses hygiene challenges but also tackles menstrual poverty by promoting eco-friendly alternatives. Their focus on inclusiveness and empowering women makes me love this product even more. 🌱🌟🌍

–Petria Leggo-Field


This product is seriously a game-changer as this is so handy when traveling. It’s extremely easy to use and to follow the instructions and I’m impressed with the level of information provided to ensure proper use of this device has been given. It’s small enough to fit in your handbag and is lightweight.

I’m also impressed by how this was thought of for people without immediate access to water. Limiting plastic waste is important and I love the ethics behind the holistic approach to design, focusing on social innovation to promote social well-being, equality and inclusiveness.

–Katherine Hay


I found the cup one of the easiest to insert and it felt comfortable once inside. I also like that their product is reusable and their aim to help homeless women and disadvantaged women in developing countries is commendable.

–Candice Needham

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