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Ena Products – “Serene” Roll On


SILVER + Editor’s Choice

The “Serene” Roll On is a blend of Orange, Clary Sage, Rose Geranium and Bergamot pure essential oils in a Jojoba carrier oil. It promotes peace and calm by balancing and uplifting sensations when applied to pulse points and inhaled.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients.
Ena Products prioritises ethical and environmentally conscious suppliers for its ingredients. All products are made in small batches in Melbourne to reduce carbon footprint and wastage. Ena is committed to honesty and integrity and does not support animal testing or export to countries where it is practiced in the cosmetic industry.
Ena is committed to using sustainable packaging made from 100% post consumer recycled bottles that are recyclable, as well as using gentle ingredients that are safe for waterways. Their products are shipped using only recyclable or reusable cardboard and paper and are made in small batches in Melbourne to reduce their carbon footprint.
Ena donates $1 from every online sale to one of three NGOs through I=Change: Greening Australia, UN Women and Adara Development. They also support the Learning for Life Autism Centre and assist with donations for various fundraising efforts. Ena's goal is to provide care and nurture wherever they can.

Product reviews from our experts…


I’m often very sensitive to fragrances – even natural ones – but this Serene essential oil blend I genuinely loved. I like that it has minimal ingredients (many oil blends contain too many and confuse my brain) and while the smell is subtle and not overwhelming, it still has enough oomph to linger. Gorgeous!

I love that Ena products are made locally in small batches to reduce their footprint, and that they prioritise sustainable production through their packaging, posting and post consumer recycled bottles. Donating to i=Change is fantastic too. Also as a graphic designer, I love the packaging designs!

–Kelley Sheenan


I love the packaging, the portability and the gentle yet enlivening scent. There is an elegance about it and the branding is spot on.

I also appreciate all that Ena is doing to contribute to the community and take on a wider social responsibility, as well as their ethical sourcing and highly sustainable packaging.

–Alena Turley


I love the pencil-thin design of this perfume, which makes it easy to stow in my bag for work travel. The floral-tone fragrance is calming, but not overwhelming and I feel pretty confident that I can recycle the bottle once I finish the product.

Ena has found a place in my heart for diversifying their charity involvements and the product is pretty simple, making it trustworthy in terms of honesty.

–Ria Andriani

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