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Ena Products – Sleepy Roll-On


Formulated from lavender, cedarwood, chamomile and ylang ylang essential oils in a jojoba oil base.
Ena Products only use eco-friendly, ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients in their formulations. All products are made in Australia and are not tested on animals.
Ena Products’ bottles are manufactured locally and made from rPET (100% recycled plastic), and all tubes are made from 33% PCR (post-consumer recycled materials). Packaging and vessels are recyclable, and no plastic wrapping is used in any of their boxes or postal packaging.
Ena Products give back $1 from every online sale to one of three NGOs through the I=Change platform, including; UN Women, Greening Australia and Adara. Ena Products have also been supporting the Learning 4 Life Autism Centre with donations for many years.

What our experts say...


I adore the grounding, deeply relaxing combination of lavender, cedarwood and bergamot essential oils. Roll-ons are such an easy, wonderful alternative to oil burners or diffusers. I appreciate Ena’s efforts to source and produce locally and to support local and global charities and initiatives.

–Emma Freeman


Its simple colour scheme and long bottle create a calming introduction into sleep from the moment you reach for the bottle. I love the carefully considerate packaging to provide something compact, easily recyclable and beautiful. I love the commitment to manufacturing in Australia long term and PCR materials for packaging. I also love the holistic approach to sustainability this brand has by giving back to diverse causes.

–Montana Lower


I really like how smooth the roller ball works on my skin and that it disperses a good amount of product. It has a lovely subtle smell perfect for a calming effect. I also really love the packaging simplicity and elegance in design. I appreciate that their ingredients are ethically sourced and made in Australia. I also love that they are using recyclable packaging in their products and shipping. I also appreciate that they give back to their local fundraisers and charities.

–Stephanie Kurlow

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