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Estelle’s Haven – DHARMA


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients in a certified organic jojoba oil base.
Estelle Haven’s perfumes are manufactured in Australia by the founder. The ingredients are sourced from very conscious companies, with the brand working only with small producers and ensuring that the workers' conditions are good. The bottles are sourced in China, with the brand always aiming to use suppliers that meet the highest standards. The essential oils and absolutes are sourced from companies that ensure the communities that grow the plant materials are paid fairly and treat their staff accordingly. Some even have programs to support the local communities in their business development, helping them flourish and providing schooling and mentoring.
Sustainability is one of the values that pushed the founder to start Estelle’s Haven. The brand’s mailers and marketing are recycled and recyclable and the packaging is also recyclable, except labels and roller ball holders. Some of the packaging is created locally with office waste and pressed with dried flowers. Estelle Haven’s suppliers are also aiming towards sustainability by using recyclable materials for their packaging. One of the suppliers’ main offices has achieved 99% landfill-free waste. The absolutes used are alcohol extracted instead of hexane extracted and the essential oils are from sustainable plantations that are mostly aromatherapy. The brand’s suppliers are asked to send their goods without individual plastic packaging and the brand does not use natural isolates as their extraction from plant material is often done with chemicals, and the final product cannot be guaranteed chemical-free.
Estelle’s Haven carefully considers what essential oils are utilised in their products as some of the most prized essences are responsible for creating social violence within communities. Instead, the brand uses sustainable plantations that have responsible operating practices.

What our experts say...

This perfume oil is super easy to use with the roll on dispenser and the bottle is so incredibly pretty! The smell is subtle but so lovely and it makes me want to smell my wrists throughout the day! It seems Estelle’s Haven has done a lot of research to try and find the most sustainable ingredients and practices. I like the fact that I learned something about traditional perfumes from their SR statement.

– Lucy E Cousins

Smells absolutely amazing. I love wearing it. Can’t exactly put my finger on what it is about the scent, but it is reminiscent of a childhood balm I once had, I think. Wonderful to see the brand’s consideration for detailed information on sourcing type of products and refreshingly transparent and integrous sharing of such details.

– Alena Turley

Hypnotic in both its beautiful presentation and scent, this is a really special perfume oil. Uplifting and feminine, I love that this product only contains sustainable ingredients and the formulator is so aware of all sourcing.

– Emily Fletcher

I was immediately drawn to this scent upon application, it just feels very “me”, and upon looking at the blend, it’s no wonder! I adore frankincense, bergamot, cedarwood and sandalwood and I’m intrigued by the inclusion of magnolia. I’m currently living through a deeply transitional period and all of these oils are supportive of change. I love that it contains shavings of gold. I also love the conscious choices made by Estelle’s Haven to source ingredients from 100% ethical, sustainable sources and to reduce waste.

– Emma Freeman

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