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Euclove Clean – Linen & Bedding Spray



Euclove Linen and Bedding Spray features Eucalyptus, Lavender and Vetiver essential oils with aromatherapy properties. Infused with Indian Neem and Australian Eucalyptus oils, it helps protect against bugs, lice, mites and insects for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients including eucalyptus, lavender, and neem essential oils.
Euclove Clean is an Australian-made brand that uses 100% natural and non-toxic ingredients, and never tests on animals. Their products are also certified vegan, free from synthetic chemicals, and are safe to use around kids and pets.
Euclove Clean is committed to sustainability. They use recycled packaging, 100% curbside recyclable packaging, palm oil-free ingredients to avoid harm to natural habitats and rainforests, plastic-free shipping and re-use or recycle all of their packaging. They also source their ingredients from suppliers committed to sustainable and fair trade farming practices.
Euclove Clean is in the process of becoming certified B-Corp and has partnered with 1% for the Planet to donate 1% of all revenue towards nonprofits that support positive change for the planet. The brand aims to be more sustainable and eco-friendly in all aspects of their business.

Product reviews from our experts…


I can’t love this product enough! The scent is amazing, I found a little goes a long way with this spray. I love the addition of the essential oils in the spray. Nice clean ingredients list, I love the packaging and the colour (of course) of the bottle fits right into my home. I LOVE that it is safe to use around kids and pets, huge peace of mind not having to worry about toxic ingredients in the home, especially bedding and linen. Minimal packaging and all recyclable is another plus.

Australian-made is a major plus in my book! I admire that they only use safe, all-natural ingredients and additionally sourcing their ingredients from suppliers who support ethical and sustainable farming methods. I also appreciate that the company strives to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable in all facets of their operations.

–Samantha Gilmore


The Euclove Clean Linen & Bedding Spray has a fabulous eucalyptus and lavender scent. It’s perfect for spraying on bedding to fight against bed mites and for a better night’s sleep. I also love that the business supports 1% for the Planet.

–Fiona Morouco


I like the smell and the mist from the spray was really generous. I also liked the packaging and ease of the trigger nozzle. I am impressed by the fact that it uses non-toxic ingredients and the recycled packaging for the spray bottle. I also love the fact they are on the path to becoming certified B-corp.

–Amelia Davatzis

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