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Euky Bear – Baby Bottle + Utensil Cleanser



The Bottle + Utensil Cleanser is a vegan-friendly, palm oil-free product that effectively removes tough milk and formula residue. It contains plant-based ingredients and a naturally derived enzyme to eliminate odour and bacteria. Its light consistency ensures easy rinsing, leaving items clean and fresh.

Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients.
Euky Bear is an 100% Australian, family-owned company that operates as an ethically responsible corporate citizen. They are committed to fair, ethical and sustainable business practices, do not test on animals, and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land where they work and grow their blue mallee eucalypts. Their baby bottle and utensil cleanser is Australian-made and owned.
Euky Bear uses 100% Australian eucalyptus oil in its laundry and cleaning range, which is grown and harvested sustainably at their plantations in Inglewood, Victoria. The production of eucalyptus oil is a renewable and sustainable process that involves the use of only sun, soil, and rain. Furthermore, the company has been a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation since 2005 and has recently installed a 99kW Solar PV system to reduce their carbon footprint by approximately 148 tonnes of CO2 per annum.
Euky Bear supports various causes in the local and wider community, including crisis support for flood and bushfire affected areas, sponsoring wildlife rescue and environmental organizations, grass-roots sponsorship for sports clubs and charity events, and donating to the Indigenous community. The brand also has a longstanding sponsorship history with the Royal Botanic Gardens and has helped develop a eucalypt walk in Cranbourne. Additionally, Euky Bear regularly donates raffle prizes to local schools and small charity events throughout Australia.

Product reviews from our experts…


This is a problem solution which I hadn’t seen before. In my household, we consider what to use for the kids in so many different facets, but how to effectively wash up things like bottles (and toys even!) without exposing them to unnecessary chemicals hadn’t been addressed before now. I loved how effectively it worked, while also being a beautifully safe natural product that gave me confidence about placing things directly into little hands following washing. Well done on something unique and clever!

The philosophies are so thoughtful and considered, with an eye on both the big and small picture. That’s so impressive for a family-owned company. Local manufacture, with ingredients of local provenance is such a high value proposition too.

–Amy Starr


The product really got my childs sticky formula off with ease, without leaving a soapy residue on my bottles. It rinsed easily and didnt feel like I had to really scrub which I loved.

I was impressed that Euky Bear doesn’t test on animals and also that they follow sustainable practices involving using 100% Australian eucalyptus oil in its range, which is grown and harvested sustainably at their own plantations, which I thought was very cool!

–Amy Maree


I really like how effective it is on tough residue while being made from plant based ingredients. I also love that Euky bear gets involved in the community – I am impressed at the vast range of organisations Euky bear supports! I love that they are supporting local as well.

–Crystal Love

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