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Euky Bear – Sniffly Nose Baby Essential Oil Blend


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

This organic eucalyptus essential oil blend is designed to clear congestion for babies aged 3+ months. Cruelty-free, vegan friendly and made in Australia.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including organic eucalyptus.
Euky Bear is an 100% Australian, family-owned brand that supports fair, ethical, and sustainable human rights standards and its staff and suppliers must conform to such expectations. Euky Bear never tests on animals and predominantly offers palm oil-free and vegan-friendly products. Additionally, the brand acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land where it operates and the blue mallee eucalypts that grow there.
Euky Bear uses 100% Australian eucalyptus oil grown and harvested sustainably at their plantations in Inglewood, Victoria. The trees use only sun, soil, and rain for growth and harvesting the cut leaf results in new growth. The remaining leaf and stick are used as fuel in the distillery. Over 4 million trees have been planted, with plans for expansion. Euky Bear has been a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation since 2005, with the goal of reducing waste through sustainable practices. A 99kW Solar PV system was recently installed in the brand's production warehouse to reduce their carbon footprint.
Euky Bear is actively involved in supporting various causes in both local and wider communities. The brand has donated products and cash to flood and bushfire affected areas, sponsored environmental organizations and supported grass-roots initiatives like sports clubs and small charity events throughout Australia. Additionally, Euky Bear has made donations to the Indigenous community, including the Koori youth alcohol and drug rehab centre, Bunjilwarra. Furthermore the brand regularly donates raffle prizes to local schools and supports the Sydney Adventist Hospital Teddy Bear's Picnic.

Product reviews from our experts…


This winter in my household has been the perfect opportunity to put this one to the test. I loved that at a very frustrating, stressful time (when your baby is sick), this beautiful blend gave me something to focus my attention on. The scent is designed to clear sniffles, but I also found it stress-soothing too. It allowed me to be proactive, to be offering some form of solution to a sick and sniffling baby and really, you can’t put a value on that feeling – it’s priceless!

The philosophies are so thoughtful and considered, with an eye on both the big and small picture. That’s so impressive for a family-owned company. Local manufacture, with ingredients of local provenance is such a high value proposition too.

–Amy Starr


I love using this oil in our humidifier when my little one is sniffly. It’s been perfect for the winter sniffles – I love that the scent is not too overwhelming, and it really does help my little one sleep on the nights where she has been congested!

I am so impressed that the brand has its own sustainable plantation of eucalyptus trees to source their oils. I also love that they have begun a solar power initiative and that they actively support charities, schools and organisations in need.

–Emma Meyer


I love how well this worked when my daughter was very congested. I used this oil alongside a humidifier and it stopped her coughing through the night completely! Such a calming scent as well. I have always loved products with eucalyptus in them.

I also like that organic eucalyptus has been used as a main ingredient in this product and that it’s grown in Victoria. I like that the brand is 100% Australian owned and gives back to local organisations and the community.

–Crystal Larissa

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