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Euky Bear – Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid



Introducing our all-in-one sleep aid, developed in collaboration with renowned field experts. This innovative product enhances babies’ sleep experience through a combination of sound, light, and aromatherapy. Featuring pink noise and red light, it effectively supports the baby’s natural circadian rhythm, promoting a soothing and restful sleep.

Aromatherapy humidifier which releases ultra fine mist into the air (no heat).
Euky Bear is a family-owned Australian company that produces Linen & Room Mists. They are committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable procurement practices. Euky Bear does not test its products on animals and most of their products are vegan friendly and palm oil free. They also acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land where they operate and where their eucalyptus trees grow.
Euky Bear uses 100% Australian eucalyptus oil in its laundry and cleaning range, which is grown and harvested sustainably at their plantations in Inglewood, Victoria. The production of eucalyptus oil is a renewable and sustainable process that involves the use of only sun, soil, and rain. Furthermore, the company has been a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation since 2005 and has recently installed a 99kW Solar PV system to reduce their carbon footprint by approximately 148 tonnes of CO2 per annum.
Euky Bear supports various causes in the local and wider community, including crisis support for flood and bushfire affected areas, sponsoring wildlife rescue and environmental organizations, grassroots sponsorships for sports clubs and hospitals, donations to Koori youth alcohol and drug rehab centre, and donating raffle prizes to local schools and small charity events. The brand has a long-standing history of sponsorship with the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Product reviews from our experts…


Love, love, love this product and my daughter has been a dream sleeper since using it – she is obsessed! From the red night light to the music, the soft lavender scent (diffuser) and the ability to set the time/hours. We have been so impressed with this product and I can’t wait to get one for my other child.

I love that it’s a family owned business that is vegan friendly and palm oil free. I also appreciate; No testing on animals, that they are committed to ethically sourcing products and a long list of partnerships/ways they support the community including donating to a Koori youth alcohol and drug rehab centre – which I am sure need the support and these organisations are often forgotten.

–Amy Maree


I absolutely love all the different settings and that we can customise it to suit our needs. The red light with water sounds and the oil in the diffuser got my baby to sleep so quickly every time! I also love knowing that the eucalyptus oil is 100% Australian. Furthermore it’s great to read about the many charities that they support.

–Claire Karlson


I use this every single night. I love the white noise and the light. The song on it is beautiful – so lovely. I haven’t used the rain option as much because I switch between the white noise and beautiful song. It’s great that it has the mist too!

–Dee Zibara

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