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Everkind – Organic Deodorant – Ultra Stick


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, organic ingredients. Includes organic lavender and rose geranium oils in an organic camellia oil base.
All Everkind products are certified organic by AsureQuality. This certification includes an assurance of social justice throughout the supply chain. Everkind is made in NZ and is committed to paying at minimum a living wage.
Everkind is on a journey to minimise waste. All stick deodorants are packaged in home compostable, purely paper-based tubes.
From every purchase, Everkind supports people making a difference. At least 2% of revenue goes to supporting Charities caring for people in need. The brand is currently supporting Charity Water and a small orphanage in India.

What our experts say...


The aroma is excellent and the product went on well on application, it also seemed effective in neutralising odours! Balm texture is a good balance of viscous and solid in consistency. One of the best and most effective aromatic combinations I’ve seen this year. It smells so good I could wear it as perfume! It’s heartening to see the brands partnership with AsureQuality and their awareness of social justice and living wage. This aligns with my values also and would appear to have a far reaching impact. I love the zero-waste packaging and unbleached cardboard.

–Alena Turley


This product has a very faint smell, but it’s fresh and pleasant, and it feels very light and creamy to apply. I found the small quotes on the bottom of the tube really sweet, and I love that this product kept me fresh for most of the day. The tube is also small enough to fit in my small handbag. I love that apart from being certified organic, the packaging for these deodorants is also home compostable, which is reassuring. I also like that they support charities with every purchase.

–Lucy Cousins


This product has a gentle, yet refreshing smell and would work in a low fragrance environment, which I’m often obliged to adhere to. It ticks some of my value boxes, being paper-based, organic and pays the living wage!

–Ria Andriani

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