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Everyday Empowered – Herbal Starter Kit


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic organic ingredients. Includes 6 premium organic herbs, ethically harvested beeswax, recipes, aluminium tins, labels and muslin cloth.
Everyday Empowered uses certified organic herbs and they work hard to run workshops and events as zero-waste. The company plans to develop a relationship with local growers to ensure quality, consistency and a bio-regional supply chain. This not only supports livelihood and fair work practices, but ensures quality, reduces air miles and contributes to soil regeneration, pollinator species and biodiversity. Everyday empowered creates opportunities for other small businesses to learn business practices that are more personally sustainable to help avoid business owners burning out. The brand is taking steps to increase the diversity within their marketing and furthering their ethical practices across the board, into the future.
Everyday Empowered is dedicated to using the most earth-friendly products, suppliers and supply chain solutions possible. The brand uses Australian owned Eco-mailer compostable packaging and 100% recycled tissue paper. Herb packets, stickers and tape in the kits are all biodegradable and home compostable. For printing they use 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and vegetable based inks which are printed in Australia by a Green-powered factory. Furthermore their beeswax comes from apiarists who are responsible and humane. Their hives are chemical free and stationary.
5% of every Herbal Starter Kit sold goes towards local herbal community projects on the Sunshine Coast. These community herbal projects are designed to care for people, plants and the bio-region. Money raised will be used for projects such as equitable access to herbal medicine, bioregional conservation of plants and plant habitats, supporting First Nations herbalists and herbal projects.

What our experts say...


Full of love, nature and conscious healing potential, this kit provides you with the supplies and knowledge you need to get started on a plant inspired pathway to health. The carefully chosen selection of organic herbs and beeswax, provides the basis for at least 17 remarkable homemade remedies such as infused calendula oil, cooling tulsi tea, lavender balm and licorice cough balls. This product lights an inspirational fire in your soul! I also love that Everyday Empowered contributes 5% of every Herbal Starter Kit sale to community herbal projects, which ensures equitable access to herbal medicines and bioregional conservation of plants and plant habitats amongst other things.

–Dominique Scott


As someone who is looking for more natural, plant based alternatives, the Herbal Start Kit is a game changer. I have Googled different herbal remedies in the past but I am always skeptical that it might not be safe. Everyday Empowered not only includes the ingredients and information about them but it gives me the confidence to make things to support my health and wellbeing! In addition to non-toxic organic ingredients and formulations, I really admire that this business has been built on personal sustainability. As someone who has experienced burnout more than I would like to admit, this slow and considered approach to building a natural brand aligns strongly to my values and the kind of life and business I am aiming to create for myself. It feels very in flow with nature and the energy injected into every part of the business resonates to the owners natural rhythm so customers are getting a product enriched with knowledge and love.

–Marisa Robinson


Wow! This was such a fun kit. It would make a fantastic gift. I adored the recipe cards and the way it was all presented. I particularly loved that it introduced me to different recipes that I wouldn’t have tried without the prompting (hellooooo Chamomile Syrup!). It was also a really mindful way of creating recipes. All in all I am a convert. I loved the additional information that came with the herbs as well. It just felt thoughtful! You can see the amount of thought put into this product from its production to its charitable efforts. I also can’t fault the efforts and love that this brand gives back locally and to indigenous Australians!

–Emily Ehlers

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